Destiny The Dawning: Guide on how to get Rainbow Medals

The Dawning, the latest expansion for the Destiny brings many new features that include new strike scoring system. Zavala is your contact person for this feature. He has quests and booties for you through which you can get some nice rewards.

A weekly event is called Make a rainbow. The task is to earn 10 rainbow medals. You will receive one by quickly placing a primary weapon, secondary weapon, and heavy weapon strike in the Strike scoring. How does this work?

You gain a streak medal by quickly killing three kills in a strike. For example: defeat three enemies with your Hawkmoon for a primary weapon strike. Change to the secondary weapon, then kill three more enemies and then make the fun with a heavy weapon.

The following applies: The order does not matter. You don’t have to start with the primary weapon. According to the Youtuber Mesa Sean there is also no time limit between streaks. You can do this relatively relaxed one after the other.

As soon as you have the three streaks, you will receive the Rainbow Medal.

Where do I get the medals?

If you play the Strikes in "normal" way, it is difficult in the middle of the battle to meet these requirements. Therefore, the tip: Start a Strike - this week, The Nexus Nightfall Strike is ideally suited for this and killing the opponents right at the start to earn rainbow medals. So do not run in the middle of the Strike, but stay in the starting area and ball the low-level enemies over the pile.

There are always new enemies, so you can have all the rainbow medals within a few minutes and complete Zavala's challenge. Tip: Take along syntheses!