Destiny Speed Kills: Guide to get the Poison Apple

The Dawning, the latest update to Destiny brings several new quests. There are quests and booties for the Sparrow race, for the Strike scoring and for the exotic machine guns Abbadon and Nova Mortis. The Icebreaker in Year 3 is not linked to any quest series, but drops by chance when you drop the Zavala sunrise bounty.

In addition, Amanda Holliday has a quest for you, which neither fits to the SRL nor the Strike scoring: Speed Kills. How does it work and what does it offer as a bonus?

This is the Speed Kills

You will receive the quest from Amanda Holliday by involving in a few Sparrow races and getting up in rank. Holliday then tells that she promised Zavala that the SRL would not distract anyone from the guardian duties. Therefore, you must do the following tasks for her.

This quest consists of only a few steps:

- Destroy Fallen and Devil Splicers in the Plaguelands. The fastest way to do this is in the Archon Forge. After two rounds this should be done.

- Defeat champions in the elders' challenge. Grab an elder’s seal from Variks and take go to the prison. If you have a high light level, this should go well solo.

- Complete missions in the given time. This is Outbound Signal and Fear's Embrace. Also this should not be a problem for solo, if you have an advanced light level.

As a reward, there is a sparrow

Once the tasks are completed, you return to Amanda Holliday in the Tower Hangar. She has the Sparrow S-41 Poisoned apple for you. The Sparrow looks like this: