Earn Gil Fast, Currency Farming Guide - Final Fantasy 15

In Final Fantasy 15, you’ll want have a lot of in game currency to buy good equipment and other useful items. However, it is not quite simple to farm money as it was in the previous games. In our article, we will show you how you can earn lots of Gil in Final Fantasy XV.

In Eos, you will find numerous restaurants that not only sell food but also accept hunting contracts and these will bring you more and more money. Right at the beginning of the game you will encounter a restaurant of this kind. After all, you put all your money into repairing the car. So talk to the restaurant owner at the counter. There are some things you should consider. To complete these tasks, you will always be rewarded with Gil.

Get Money with Photos

Also at the beginning of the game you learn that Prompto constantly shoots photos. He does this while fighting, while resting, and also when you pass beautiful sights. These photos will be a wonderful source of income for you. However, keep in mind that Prompto's talent is getting better, so your photos are getting better. Save your pretty works when you're in the evening. So get orders for images which then exchange for Gil, you proceed as follows:

- Go to the viewpoint in Lestallum. Here you will find a journalist. You can easily recognize him by the camera hanging around his neck. In addition, he sees Hugo "Hurley" Reyes by Lost as a mistake.

- This journalist will provide you with the aforementioned contracts, because he needs impressions for his products. Some special features you have to consider.
Everywhere there are sights and if you photographed this, you will by the journalist Vyv for up to 12,000 Gil rewarded. For this you must have completed the orders.
The journalist does not have many orders for you, so grab all what he offers you.

Earn Money with Carrots

Yes, you heard right. You can earn lots of money by selling carrots. For that to happen you must learn the ability. For this, you visit the place Cape Caem. Here you will find a hut and in an NPC that gives you seeds for carrots and you tasked to plant them. This way you get rich quickly. Proceed as follows:

- Go to the small hill nearby, where you can plant the seeds.
- Wait at least from the day before you can reap the rewards. The more carrots you harvest, the more money you get.
- Before you can plant new seeds, you have to wait for something. But do’not lose sight of this.

For each harvested carrot you get 500 Gil for sale. That is not very little. In addition, you can also exchange the vegetables and gets weapons and parts for your great car.

Another way to get quite a lot of Gil, is selling treasures. You will always find this when you are in Eos. Although, they bring you money, but some of them are also needed to produce powerful spells. So be careful when selling treasures and check them before you make a decision.