Final Fantasy 15: Beat Behemoth King, Battle Guide / Strategies

In Final Fantasy 15, the final bosses are very difficult to defeat and one of the old bosses in the FF game series is Behemoth, whom you must defeat this time as Behemoth king. In earlier versions of the FF game series, Behemoth was a known opponent in the final stages of the game. A big dragon with a lot of HP. Now you have to deal with the King of Behemoths. Even bigger, even more dangerous, still striking. In this guide, we show you how to defeat the Behemoth King!

A very good friend in the fight against the Behemoth King is a powerful big sword, a solid shield and ice magic spells. As with other boss battles, a good tactic is appropriate and the lumbering Behemoth king is not as slow as he looks. Pay attention to his fast-paced melee speed and his special suit, which carries him high into the air.

You can do a lot of damage with big swords. They are especially good against big opponents and in combination with Warp attacks you can quickly go to the Boss opponent and away again so that his fast close combat attacks don’t hurt you too much. Use the point warp and repeat the attacks as often as possible. So don’t be tempted to miss the Behemoth King too many individual attacks. Continue to use shield for defensive situations.

The Behemoth king leaps into the air with his special suit, and lands with a great force, freeing everything around his area. Here, you should also use Warp to escape to a blue marker. A great help is when you have the skill category Combat enabled the Air Dance skills. This allows you to attack the Behemoth king in the air and avoid his damage. Combine this with strength boosts for Noctis and lower the defense of the boss's opponent and the fight becomes much easier.

The Behemoth king will regularly hit the ground. Immediately wears out if your signs are recognizable, so your HP does not suffer. You cannot escape the pounding by automatically dodging. Pay attention to his movements. If you succeed in killing the Behemoth king, you should immediately attack with your strongest weapon. He is very vulnerable and you can get him stuck with it! Use best attacks with the big sword.

A good alternative to melee is the fighter's long range combat bats. He does not run the risk of suffering too much damage at a short distance. However, the fight takes longer because the usual damage is quite low. Unless you have the star of the ruthless from the Tomb of the Rogue in the Myrlwood. Use the re-command of Prompto to lower the defense of the Behemoth King. This is now so low that the warp attacks can be neat and you can win the fight "fast".