Final Fantasy 15: Best Hotels / Lodgings to Relax / earn Exp

In Final Fantasy 15, if you want to quickly level up and earn many experience points, then you should consider resting in a hotel at night. In this guide, we will show you how you can choose the best hotels / accommodation, what the different hotels cost you and what Experience Points/Bonus you can get.

Hotel costs you in-game currency Gil. For this reason, it is likely that refugees are at the beginning. Here, Ignis can also cook tasty recipes and thus strengthen you with positive effects for fighting. If you miss the money, you should earn money and look at the hotel accommodation. Especially in chapter 8 the motels and caravans are worthwhile. Below we show you all hotels, their bonuses and costs:

- Cape Caem's cabin: Exp x1.0 - Gil 0
- Vagoni Albergo di Cartanica: Exp x1.1 - Gil 30
- Tenerae Roues du Repos : Exp x1.1 - Gil 30
- Galdin Quay Caravan: Exp x1.2 - Gil 30
- Cauthess Rest Area Caravan: Exp x1.2 - Gil 30
- Coernix Station Alstor Caravan: Exp x1.2 - Gil 30
- Cauthess Rest Area Caravan: Exp x1.2 - Gil 30
- Meldacio Hunter HQ Caravan: Exp x1.2 - Gil 30
- Wiz Chocobo Ranch Caravan: Exp x1.2 - Gil 30
- Verinas Mart Ravatogh Caravan: Exp x1.2 - Gil 30
- Burbost Souvenir Emporium Caravan: Exp x1.2 - Gil 30
- Prairie Outpost Caravan: Exp x1.2 - Gil 30
- Hammerhead Caravan: Exp x1.2 - Gil 30
- Hotel Leville in Altissia - Exp x1.5 - Gil 500
- Hotel Leville in Lestallum - Exp x1.5 - Gil 300
- Taelpar Rest Area THree Z’s Motel: Exp x1.5 - Gil 300
- Lestallum The Leville: Exp x1.5 - Gil 300
- Longwythe Rest Area Three Z’s Motel: Exp x1.5 - Gil 300
- Galdin Quay The Quayside Cradle: Exp x2.0 - Gil 10,000
- Altissia The Leville Royal Suite Hotel: Exp x3.0 - Gil 30,000

If you stay in a caravan, the XP multiplier is x1.2. The night costs 30 Gil. The prices are valid for all four figures. Although there is a kitchen in such a car, but Ignis cannot cook.

Although you'll be spending your accommodations Gil, you'll get an XP multiplier a day on your accumulated experience points. However, note that the next day you cannot profit from bonuses that arise through recipes. Ignis cannot cook if you stay somewhere, which is not a refuge. So make the pros and cons of the refuge and accommodation clear. But if you want to get up quickly, you can make a miracle.

Final Fantasy 15, Best Hotels, Lodgings to Relax, Earn Exp
Especially in chapter 8 you should take your lodging. Here, you suddenly unlock many side quests. So go on these activities and spend the night in an accommodation nearby. Also, be careful to complete as many tasks as possible to get enough Gil. Before you go through the side quest, you should travel back to Hammerhead and complete the side quest of Cindy. Your regalia will be upgraded. The improvement will help you collect the safe XP. Now try to finish as many side quests as possible and sleep in the end in an accommodation - best in Altissia. The Royal Suite costs you 30,000 Gil, is very lucrative with my XP multiplier of x3.0.

- Also try a mix of retreat and accommodation. Let Ignis cook while you are camping outside. The next few days you can go on strong fights and in the evening you stay in an accommodation to get the XP.

- Be careful with the XP collection, that you only limited to side quests. As soon as you get to the main missions, you could complete the chapter, which works like an overnight stay. You will automatically be credited to the accumulated experience points - but without bonus.


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