Final Fantasy 15: Increase Gladio Survival Skill / rare items

In Final Fantasy 15, Survival is a skill just like cooking or fishing that you can develop in ten ranks. This not only gives you one of the trophies and achievements but also increases the rare items that Gladiolus can regularly find after a battle. In this guide we show you how you can increase the survival skill quickly.

To increase Gladiolus' survival talent, you need nothing more than moving your party around Eos and collecting footsteps. With every step your party makes, Gladiolus collects talent points, which are well written to him at the next rest. If you want to increase this talent, let the Regalia just stand and walk to the next quest goal.

In addition, there are two more tricks to increase your survival skills.

- Endless sprinting: When you sprint, you can logically gather more steps. With a trick you can also sprint endlessly. Simply press and hold the Circle / B button to jump, and then release it before the stamina bar is almost empty. The bar is then immediately filled again and you can continue sprinting. The stamina bar over Noctis' head can be shown about the game options.

- Sticking an analogue stick: An even more convenient method is sticking the analogue stick so that you endlessly circulate. You can simply go away from the console and do other things. But make sure you use this method only in places, otherwise you will be killed by monsters that appear at night.

Bonus tip: Ignis can also prepare the recipes Thick 'n' Juicy Steak or Paella, which will give you endless endurance for a short time. You can get the recipe for the Royal Road Paella in the wooden hut east of the Coernix gas station, if you look at the magazine cover. You can prepare the Thick 'n' Juicy Steak after you have eaten the jumbo steak in the Hammerhead restaurant.

The rare items can be found in Final Fantasy 15

If you have defeated all the red-marked enemies in a combat area, you will occasionally receive an indication that Gladiolus has found items above the health display on the right. The rarity of these items increases with each rank in survival talent. Only from level 5 you can get elixirs or phoenix down.

The following table shows all rare items and probabilities

Gladio Skill Level 1

5%: Glass Gemstone
15%: Beetle Shell, Shell/Antidote
25%: Fossil Shell
40%: Overall Rank (Potion)

Gladio Skill Level 2

10%: Panacea
15%: Beetle Shell, Fossil shell
20%: Antidote
40%: Overall Rank (Potion)

Gladio Skill Level 3

10%: Antidote, Beetle Shell, Fossil shell, Rare Coin
15%: Panacea
20%: Superlink
25%: Overall Rank (Potion)

Gladio Skill Level 4

5%: Fossil Shell
10%: Antidote, Rare Coin, Silver coin, Beetle Shell
15%: Panacea
20%: Ether, Hi Elixir

Gladio Skill Level 5

10%: Antidote, Rare Coin, Silver Coin, Beetle Shell
20%: Ether, Elixir, Hi Elixir

Gladio Skill Level 6

5%: Glass Gemstone
15%: Antidote, Beetle Shell
25%: Fossil Shell
40%: Overall Rank (Potion)

Gladio Skill Level 7

5%: Beetle Shell
10%: Panacea, Ether, Banknote, Rare Coin
15%: Elixier, Hi Elixir, Phoenix Down

Gladio Skill Level 8

5%: Beetle Shell
10%: Elixir, Debased Banknote, Glass Gemstone, Rare Coin
15%: Super Elixir
20%: Megalixir, Phoenix Down

Gladio Skill Level 9

5%: Final Elixir, Beetle Shell
10%: Elixir, Debased Banknote
15%: Megalixir, Hi Elixir

Gladio Skill Level 10

5% Glass Gemstone/Platinum Ingot/Beetle Shell/Megalixir
10% Rare coin/Debased Banknote/Elixir
20% Phoenix Down, 15% Hi Elixir/Mega-Potion