Final Fantasy 15: Oracle Ascension Coins Locations / Benefits

In this guide to Final Fantasy 15, we will show you the locations of all Oracle Ascension Coins and what you can buy from these coins. Overall, you can find 37 Coins in the game. There is a chance that you get more of this type of coins once you capture Cactuar. To find Cactuar, you have to look around in the following areas:

- Duscae: Southwest of the Perpetouss base, north of the Alstormoor
- Leide: Northwest of Hammerhead, north of Long Withe
- Cleigne: East of the Steyliff Grove, north of the Vaullerey base

Remember that Cactuar is very rare and the earliest will spawn again after 15 minutes. With your whistle you can improve your chances of Spawn. It still remains a long-term search.

You should not wait until Monsieur Cactuar shows its face again, you should also find these coins that are scattered in Eos. You will find 29 of them in places or in the wilderness. The map shows you their locations. 8 other Ascension Coins can be found in the labyrinths of caves, behind the closed doors. The following list explains roughly where you can find these valuables. On the map you will find the locations of all coins outside the dungeon.

Oracle Ascension Coins Locations

1. Look around in Hammerhead left from the shop of the petrol station.

2. Once you have arrived at the Long With Rest Area, do not go into the restaurant, but look right (east) bib. The coin is a little further away.

3. In the hunter settlement you find a dealer and under the roofs right the coin.

4. If you are in the Keycatrich hill (automatically in Chapter 2), you will discover the most valuable asset in a room.

5. Keep yourself seen from the sanctuary of the northeast and search here the area.

6. If you are on the Chocobo Ranch, then look a bit behind the store.

7. Look west of the water around and you will find it.

8. When you are in the Grey Shire Grotto and have arrived at the fire source, search further towards the exit.

9. Right next to the Cauthess Rest Area search in the abandoned cars area for the next piece of search.

10. This item can be found opposite the gas station Coernix Cauthess. Look for the gas station on the other side of the road.

11. At the Taelpar Service Area you have to look just behind the restaurant.

12. This coin can be found on your adventure into Fociaugh Cave. Keep your eyes open and you will not miss it. It is located near the first collectible plants.

13. As part of "vendetta" you come past the Vaullerey basis. Follow the road, then you need to pass a parking lot and a fishing spot. To the southeast of this place you find the item.

14. At the top of Cape Caem you will find another coin.

15. Go to Old Lestallum at the restaurant. Here you will find another coin.

16. If you are in the Steyliff ruin, you will arrive shortly before the final boss at elementary sources. Here there is a further course at the fire source and at the end there is the coin.

17. If you are at Verinas market Ravatogha, then you look right behind the weapons dealer.

18. At Burbosts Allerlei to the left behind the gas station you will find another coin.

19. Look in the Meldacio Hunter Central, between the Chocobo station and the arms dealer to precisely. You'll find them at the house in between.

20. ALTISSIA, you look to the south. You will find a dealer there, and further to the west you’ll find the next coin.

21. Go to the gas station Coernix Alstorland. Cross the road to the south and go to the car park where the caravan stands. Look between them for the next coin.

22. When you arrived in Lestallum, look there for three restaurants. Right behind the south you will find the object. It is not right next to the restaurant, but a bit further away.

23. After you’ve arrived in Galdin Quay look in the direction of web, behind the informant, in the room you will find another coin.

24. These are found in the Daurell Caves. Locate the side alleys that are to the right of your actual path.

25. In coastal Mark Tower you will find a fire source in one of the towers. Walk a little further, turn left and before you turn left again, go straight into the dead end. Here you can find the item.

26. The Pitioss ruins are very complex. The video at the bottom of the article will show you the location.

27. The next coin is waiting for you in Myrlwald. After you have entered this, you proceed in a vast area. At the top right of the map of this section you'll find the coin.

28. The Malmalam Forest is quite easy to traverse as it is actually just a hose. You will find the coin right behind the fire source.

29. Go to Ravatogh dungeon and turn at the junction to the right. Look around your path to the left, because you will find the coin far in front of the run away.

Specialist Dealer Alessio

The dealer Alessio can be found in ALTISSIA. He will sell you anything if you offer him Gil. Alessio will namely have your Oracle Ascension Coins. If you want to find him then search him at the restaurant opposite the gondola station Via Palsino. He sits at one of the tables. Talk to him and he will show you his inventory. If you already know in advance what you are going to buy from your hard-earned valuables, then look in the following list.

Megalixir - 1
Fire Crest - 4
Ice Crest - 4
Lightning Crest - 4
Dark Crest - 8
Mighty Guard - 20
Stone Wall - 30
Ribbon - 40