Final Fantasy 15 - Quick level Up and earn XP

In Final Fantasy 15, there are several ways to level up fast and earn XP. With the experience points you raise your level while you can unlock skills. Unlike other modern RPGs in FF XV, all the accumulated progress must be saved manually. This means that the saved experience points will only be applied to the characters when they rest in a camp, hotel or trailer.

XP are gained by winning battles and exploring the open world of Eon. For example Killing a tricky "Behemoth" or completing a main mission are tasks that give you a lot of XP, but you have to rest so you don’t lose everything that has been won.

On the other hand, the rest points are signposted on the map with the design of a bed and are always close to parking places. At each stop to replenish "Regalia" - the group car - buy supplies and start new activities, be sure to visit the adjacent shelter so experience points are counted.

"Altissia Hotel" and "Galdin Quay", both safe locations unlockable at advanced plot times, are the best options as their XP bonuses are unbelievably high.

Choose the ideal place to relax

Although points are saved at any resting place, from trailers to distant camps in forests, there are establishments that award higher bonuses. There is no cost when camping, but the characters are without the valuable XP.

Trailers are intermediate settlements they offer XP bonuses, even if they are modest sums. However, Noctis must pay in Gil, which revolves around 30 coins for each rest.

Hotels already have the greatest experience multiplier, although the value is different from hotel to hotel. Road side establishments, for example, naturally give less XP - and are cheaper - compared to the luxurious options allocated in major cities.

At the beginning of the adventure, it is highly recommended to seek camps and trailers when completing important tasks. That's because Noctis and his friends will have difficulty accumulating Gil on low-level missions.

Complete secondary missions

Just like in every game of the genre, Final Fantasy XV concentrates much of its content in parallel activities that complement the story. There are hundreds of tasks scattered across the vast map of Eon, and you must complete all of them if you want to evolve the characters quickly.

In addition to basic missions to bring items from point A to point B, there are more demanding goals that give you more experience points. Visit the local restaurants and start the hunting activities to progress without major efforts.

At the end of the battle, a note is given by the group's battlefield performance, considering time, perfect trimming runs, well-executed attacks and combos.

To get more points, strive to end the battle with maximum score, as it makes a considerable difference in time to multiply XP in the safe place. There are detailed tutorials, accessible from the game menu, which show how all mechanics work, from spells to certain locks, so it pays to devote to learning all the characteristics of combat.

In FF XV, foods are an important addition to the journey as they elevate character attributes temporarily. This makes battles much easier, as the group gets stronger, absorbs more damage and ends the battle faster.

All proven recipes are saved in Ignis's diary, which can later use to cook the dish at a camp. It's important to be aware of Noctis's requests, as he often complains when he feels hungry. Give food to the group and perform better in duels.