Final Fantasy 15: Wait Mode Combat System guide

In addition to its action packed Combat system, the game allows older fans to use the strategic option that emulates the turn-based fights of classic versions of the game.

So you can plan each move before running it, and avoid suffering too much damage from enemies with no response time. The mode can be activated in the game menu at any time. Check out the tutorial on how to enable and use Final Fantasy 15 Wait Mode.

Step 1. At any time, pause the game and click on "Options"

Step 2. Click the "Combat" option to configure the Final Fantasy XV fights.

Step 3. On the screen, choose Wait Mode and press X / A (PS4, Xbox One) to enable the option.

Step 4. From now on, whenever you are not taking any action during the fights, the clock will stop. This will save more time to plan your moves and avoid the onslaughts of enemies.

Step 5. In Strategic mode it is also easier to use items and abilities of Noctis companions without leaving the character exposed to the attacks of the opponents. All this can be accomplished with frozen time.

Step 6. To attack the enemies, just aim and press the attack button so that the fight will happen again normally. When standing still for a fraction of a second, the time will be frozen again to plan a new blow.

Step 7. If you get accustomed to Wait mode, you can unlock special combat-style skills that will give you even more edge during fights, such as improved damage, opponents weaknesses, and more.