Final Fantasy XV Upgrade Character Skills guide

Final Fantasy XV, the latest installment in the Final Fantasy game series brings an upgrade tree with several options to enhance the powers of the protagonist and his allies. In this tutorial, we will show you how to upgrade character techniques:

Unlike many RPGs, the tab upgrade in Final Fantasy XV is not known as skill. When you press the button that leads to the main menu, note that there is the option "Ascension", located just below "Equipment". Through that you can unlock new upgrade for Noctis and his companions.

There are eight different types of specialties (sub trees): Magic, Recovery, Techniques, Combat, Teamwork, Armiger, Exploration and Stats. Each of them has more than ten specializations, totaling more than 100 unlockable abilities.

To evolve each segment, the characters need to use their ascending points, which are gained by completing missions, unlocking new territories, and pass through long distances across the map.

When accessing a tab in the "Ascension" menu, it is possible to see at the bottom of the screen, above the description of the ability, the character who will receive the upgrade. The skills are very well distributed among the four characters, so there is no stronger or weaker ally since they all have their degree of importance in battles.

Navigate between the joystick triggers, choose the skill you want to apply to the character, and press "A" on the Xbox One, or "X" on PS4 control to complete the upgrade.


In "Magic," as its name implies, Noctis is able to discover abilities that strengthen his spell power, such as increasing the amount of elemental energy that can be absorbed. In the "Recovery" menu, you can find all healing links to team recovery.

In "Techniques" and "Combat", attacks and finalization with specific weapons are upgraded to amplify the damage rate and increase combat performance. On the other hand, "Teamwork" focuses on offering new techniques that benefit allies in combat, such as joint ventures.

In the evolution of "Armiger", the characters are equipped with a greater number of accessories, being a great advantage in advanced moments of history. The "Exploration" techniques allow receiving help on the road and amplifying the number of rise points accumulated outside the confrontations, which greatly accelerates the development of the characters.

Finally, we have the "Stats" submenu, directed to those who like the combat in the cadenced mode, that for the time. These abilities are not recommended for the easier levels of difficulty as they only improve tactical performance - which is not so required at the "Easy" and "Normal" levels.