Final Fantasy15: Guide to customize and race with Chocobo

Final Fantasy 15 brings back the Chocobo birds use by the characters to go around the map faster. More than that, animals can be tailored with unique colors and items, and use for competitive racing against its mates.

Options can be found on the map and use free of charge by players, provided that they have rented a Chocobo. Check out our step-by-step guide on how to customize and run with the animals in the game.

Step 1. On the map of Final Fantasy 15, find the area where the races and the hall of Chocobo.

Step 2. Go to the character and press X / A to start a conversation. Click Customize to edit the appearance of the bird.

Step 3. Here you can add a name to your Chocobo.

Step 4. Another option is to edit the color and even add special items to your Chocobo.

Step 5. To play a Chocobo race, go to the map icon and press X / A to start;

Step 6. Accept the challenge against one of your friends to start the race, which features special items such as prizes.

Step 7. The controls are the same as those used for map travel with Chocobos. It is important that you manage the gallops well in order to get past the opponent and move away.