Justice Monsters Five Guide - Final Fantasy 15

In Final Fantasy 15, there are several mini-games that you can play but one of the most important mini game is Justice Monsters Five, which gives you special rewards. In this guide we show you how the mini-game works, what rewards they bring and what you should consider.

The Justice Monsters Five is similar to a pinball machine that shoots monsters as balls and makes them bounce against obstacles and opponents. If you can get a lot of points in the game, you win special accessories. You will find the game machines in all the Crow's Nest Diner and in the Café in Altissia, where you will also find Alession.

In Justice Monsters Five, you have to shoot monsters in ball form, thereby pulling out enemy monsters HP. If you defeated all enemy monsters, a new wave will appear. After a few rounds, a boss monster with more HP appears. You start with four random monster capsules, which also have an HP bar. If this is defeated by the attacks of the enemy to zero, the game is over.

This is How the Justice Monsters Five Control Works

Your monsters are depicted in Justice Monsters Five below a concave surface (curved inward). Through this area, you can determine the direction when you move your monster balls. The further the ball rests on one side, the slanted the launch angle in the opposite direction. How the control works exactly, we show you below:

X/A: Shoot the ball. Holding the key increases the power of the shot.
Analog Stick Direction: Use this to determine the flight path of the ball during shooting.
L1/R1/LB/RB: Select the monster capsule.
Triangle/Y: Change the monster capsule.
Square/X: Set the Super-ability.
Circle/B: Finish the game.

Your monster balls roll along the pinball and you have to choose the right moment by shooting them. Of course Precision and good timing are important. FF 15 Justice Monsters Five lets you choose different shot types:

Bomber Shots: These shots explode as soon as they strike and cause additional damage.
Climbing Shots: Climbing shots flop along walls, giving you the chance to catch the enemies from behind.
Perforation Shots: Use these attacks to shoot through enemies. This allows you to attack several enemies one by one, or to attack the enemy's weak points.

Your opponents in Justice Monsters Five are not waiting for you to clean them. At certain intervals, they send out rays that can hurt you. Take your attacks so that you do not get into an attack, the most powerful attack in this mini-game is the super-ability. You can use this when the blue bar is full next to the symbol of your monster. Press the Square / X button and it will be a very strong attack or even healing depending on the monster. Also look at the monsters that are not on the field. Use their special abilities to deal with situations better.

Elements in Justice Monsters Five

You have not only standard capsule in Justice Monsters Five. In the app version of Final Fantasy 15, you can also unlock elemental and monster capsules. Each monster has an element that has different strengths and weaknesses against other elements. The strengths and weaknesses are distributed as follows:

- Fire element is strong against earth.
- Earth element is strong against lightning.
- Lightning element is strong against water.
- Water element is strong against fire.
- Lightning element is strong against darkness and vice versa.

Rewards for Justice Monsters Five in FF XV

Let's come to the lucrative part of mini-games. A game Justice Monsters Five usually costs 10 Gil, but the game costs 10,000 Gil at a special slot machine in Altissia. In this, the rewards are much better and the main gain the Lord Vexxos build-up, with which you can get half a million Gil by selling them or creating spells. The figure is the most powerful catalyst for spells in the entire game. In the course of the game you will win treasure chests, which you can exchange for rewards.