Let It Die (Video Game) - Beginner's Guide / Strategies

Let It Die is a free game video game developed by Grasshopper Manufacture for PlayStation 4.

In Let It Die, you control a character that lives in a future in which the Earth was divided by a tragedy. As in the center of humanity, a tower was built in Tokyo. On top of it, according to a legend, a treasure awaits those who survive to get to their cover. Your goal is to do just that.

Starting the game

At the beginning of the game you have to select your character, a man or a woman. After choosing the character, the game places him in a train station and on the way to the first floor of the tower.

The Let It Die commands can quite remember the series Dark Souls , with equipment for each hand of your character, which can be used with the L2 and R2 buttons. Each hand can equip up to three weapons, and if you equip something that uses two hands, automatically the other hand is used by it.

Another important tip, which is not very well explained in the game, is the possibility of targeting a single enemy. Instead of coming out aimlessly, point to an opponent and press R3. This will show a selection around the character, locking his movement in him and making his combat better.

By pressing "circle", your character can deflect attacks, rolling around the scene or, if you prefer, just defend yourself by holding the button. It is worth remembering that the defense is not 100% effective, as your character still absorbs damage and can get dizzy from stronger attacks.

Equipping items and performing special attacks

In Let It Die, all items that you find to equip your character bring a limitation of use. This means that eventually they can break and become unusable. There is the possibility to buy or assemble stronger items in a store in the initial area of the tower, which can be accessed at various times in the game.

This prevents you from getting too attached to armor or different weapons. The advantage is that you end up using a varied number of weapons, trying different ways to face your enemies.

This change of weapons is well seen during special attacks that your character can apply. With each attack you hit, a bar is slowly filled. When she reaches the limit, hold the "triangle" button with the attack button. This causes the applied damage to be greater.

Another special attack is activated whenever, after a combo applied, you are able to make your opponent dizzy. When this happens, a warning should appear on the screen for you to hold the "triangle" button. After this, a new warning asks you to choose the attack with the left or right arm.

After choosing, you will see a very violent animation in which your character eliminates the enemy with refinements of cruelty. Each weapon that you equip brings a different animation. The variety of weaponry in the game allows you to never tire of those moments.

Stay tuned for your life

As your character begins his journey practically naked, his defense is very low and easy target for enemies. To replenish your life you need to find small monsters and mushrooms scattered across the scenery.

The monsters are easy to find and capture, press the L3 (left analog) to lower yourself and then "X" to capture the animal. You will see the possibility to store it in your bag or eat it at the same time.

The same goes for mushrooms that can be found, with the difference that these can present different results when you eat them. Some mushrooms can replenish your life, while others may increase your speed and attack.

It is important to check each mushroom well before going out to eat anything, since there are some species that can cause the death of your character. In this case, it is interesting to save the mushroom and throw it to enemies, who will try to eat it and receive damage.

In Let It Die, when your character dies, you end up becoming a common enemy within the level. When restarting a new match, you choose another and part to the top of the tower. If you arrive in the same area where you died before, you can find your old character, who will attack you.

Defeat yourself to get the old character sent to a kind of refrigerator. That way, when you need to restart with a new character, you can select it.

Another important tip is that there is the possibility of using real money to buy a special currency in the game, which in turn allows you to sign a kind of "life insurance", which brings your character back to life automatically from the same place where he died. The problem is you have to pay with real money to get it done.