Master the Noctis Fishing Skill in Final Fantasy 15

In Final Fantasy 15, like cooking, photography and survival, fishing is one of the four main skills of the group of protagonists. It is one of the attributes that are computed and raised only at the end of each day, when the team goes to sleep in a camp, trailer or hotel. As such, you need to exercise the attribute so that you can gain experience points.

In this sense, fishing is the clearest and most objective talent of all: the only way to make your level rise is by fishing dozens of fish! Although the quality of the animal is also a relevant criterion, what weighs most is the amount of fish caught, so it will be necessary to separate tens of hours of fishing to raise the attribute to the maximum.

Even if you don’t want to complete 100% of the game, it is worth investing in the fishery as it yields valuable Rising Points, as well as serving as food and even incentive for Ignis to automatically learn new recipes for your menu.

You can only fish at the points previously marked on the map of the game with the symbol of a bluish fish. Once you reach there, look for a pier and position Noctis facing the water, from there he can begin to fish.

It is worth visiting all the stores you find to purchase various types of baits and thread. Each bait has its own characteristics, being more recommended for the capture of different species. Carefully read the information of each bait you buy to familiarize yourself with its properties.

Stronger lines are required for long fishing sessions, and also to withstand the game's strongest fish hunts. As your skill level goes up and new cities are enabled, take care of investing a few thousand Gils by buying the best available equipment.

The first fishing spot found in the campaign can be accessed shortly after Cid and Cindy repair Regalia for the first time. Go to Galdin Quay, near the Leide region, and descend to the pier. Then look for a small tent to the right of the main bridge leading to the restaurant.

The gameplay of the fishing can be a bit confusing at first, but in just a few minutes you can get used to it. The most important thing is to observe the small map in the upper right corner of the screen, because the golden and blue dots indicate where the fishes are.

Move your cursor until the icon changes to a golden color, which indicates that your aim is very close to a fish. When you are in the proper location, press X on the PlayStation 4 or A on Xbox One to throw the bait.

If a fish is nearby and willing to bite the bait, a battle song will begin, along with the appearance of a red band on the top corner of the screen. When a fish is in your field of vision, give a light touch on R2 ( PS4 ) or RB (Xbox One) to stoke the animal and encourage you to bite.

Once the fish has bitten the bait, a series of quick time events will begin. Pay attention to the commands that appear on the screen and be light. In the intervals between the commands, hold R2 or RB to pull the line. When a warning appears in the center of the screen, release the button for a few seconds in order not to break it!

With calm, patience and precision, the fish will inevitably get to Noctis. After the capture, its size and weight will be revealed, and the animal will be recorded. As each river, lake or sea has its own fish, you must rotate the entire map in order to complete the collection.