Pokemon GO: how to use New Nearby Tracker - guide

The new Pokémon GO tracker is now available. However, many players are confused with the new system. This quick guide will show you how to use the tracker properly.

The new tracker is located at the bottom right of the main screen. This gives you a list of 9 Pokémon, which are close to you. In addition, you get a picture of the PokéStop, where the Pokémon are the closest.

These Pokémon appear on the tracker

Some trainers claim that most common Pokémon appear on the tracker. The "near" feature probably will not help you find the Pokémon you really want to have. The rare Pokémon you will still have to find by aimless wandering around. Some Pokémon will appear or disappear while you use the tracker. It happens more often that a Pokémon disappears again before you have found it at the PokéStop.

Pokémon GO: How to use the new tracker

If you click on the PokéStop with the Pokémon you want, the Pokémon will be displayed on the map. Beside the PokéStop appears a small bubble with footsteps. The number of footsteps should tell you in theory how close the Pokémon is to PokéStop. Some Trainers have already seen three footsteps and have caught the Pokémon right next to the PokéStop.

So just go to the PokéStop with the Pokémon, which you want to have and run a bit back and forth until the Pokémon appears.

The tracker works best in large cities, where many PokéStops are located. If you are on the hunt for rare Pokémon, you should wander around and don’t rely on the Tracker. But that's part of the real PokémonGo experience: to go without a goal and to look for a little adventure.

The new tracker does not work according to the wishes of the players. That is why a few fans have joined together and made a suggestion for their own tracker.