Resident Evil 7 Demo: Find Dirty Coin and Solve all Puzzles

With the release of new and third Midnight Update for The Resident Evil 7 demo, many mysterious puzzles are finally solved and the meaning of the voodoo doll is now clear. If you solve all the puzzles of the RE 7 demo, you will finally get the Dirty Coin, which will unblock you for the main game when it appears on January 24, 2017. With our Walkthrough, you solve all the puzzles.

The following basics are important to get the Dirty Coin at the end of the demo 

- You must find all five murder scenes (by showing the doll finger).
- You must find the notebook.
- You have to hear a giggle at five different parts of the demo (Five entries / messages in the notebook).

Without proper knowledge, what you need to do at specific points in the game, it is almost impossible to come up with the solutions of the individual puzzles. Thanks to diligent users on Reddit, most of the mysteries have now been solved and we will now present to you all the steps necessary to solve all the puzzles and get the Dirty Coin in the end.

Find a Notebook

- After the demo start activate the lever in the fireplace behind you to open a secret door in the next room.
- Grab the lock from the table on the left in the secret room and go back again.
- Put the fuse in the box and then leave the starting space through the door into the hallway.
- Walk to the right and through the moldy door.
- Walk down the hallway and halfway grab the empty notebook from the chest to your right.

Doll / Dummy Finger and Dummy Hand

- Go back to the entrance lobby and grab the doll finger from the drawer to the right of the stairs.
- Now go up the stairs and use the switch to activate the staircase leading up to the attic.
- Go up through the first door to the right and continue through the ruined wall.
- Here you will find red writing on the wall. Press the X key to hear the first giggle / laughter. This also gives you the first entry / message in the notebook.
- On the left hand side of the book you will also find the object of celluloid, which you must use in combination with the doll finger to complete the doll hand.

Check The Basement For The Valve And The Floor Key

- Now take the cellar key from the table on the other side of the room.
- Now go to the cellar. You will find this as you continue along the corridor, where you have also found the notebook.
- At the end, open the gate with the key and go down to the cellar.
- Then go through the door on the right and pick up the valve, which you can see directly in front of you on the stretcher.
- Go to the back room, where you find the key for the attic window on the shelf beside the doll.

Attention! In the cellar, you will be attacked by one of the Shadowed (Molded). Try not to engage in a fight, but run and try to leave the cellar as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, you are also stopped on the first attempt of leaving through the door of the old Baker. Just try it right again and you come out. In addition, you can miss the fun pack to stop the shadow creatures for a moment. If you have been hurt by shadowing, you will be infected, which affects one of the demos.

Bolt Cutter And VHS Video Tape

- Now go back all the way to the entrance lobby facing the stairs. Turn around and point the dummy finger at the hand of the overturned cupboard in front of you (First Crime Scene). You have done everything right, if you can hear the overturning of the cabinet.
- Continue through the kitchen into the hallway on the other side. Go through the door at the end and grab the bolt cutter, which is in the animal carcass.
- Use the bolt cutter directly on the cabinet as you go back through the corridor to the end. In it you can find the VHS video tape.
- Now go up to the attic, but this time past the door, continue along the path that leads to a nailed door to the right. Here, you can hear the second laugh. This gives you the second entry in the notebook.

Axe with the Dietrich

- Now you have to go back to the cellar. Don’t worry, shadowing is no longer here and you can take your time.
- Before you go through the door to the cellar, take the Dietrich with you on the left.
- Now go through the door and point the puppet finger on the corpse bag, which is lying on the stretcher. You should then hear gun shots (Second Crime Scene).
- Now you need the axe you can find it in the kitchen. Use the Dietrich on the left of the drawer in the kitchen cabinet.
- The axe then uses to hit a painting hanging from the stairs in the entrance lobby. It is the painting of the woman with a white covering over her head. You hear another laugh and get the third entry into the notebook.

Flashback Sequence And Doll Bug

- Now you must enter the bathroom right under the stairs. Point the puppet finger on the nailed door until you hear the corresponding noise (Third scene of crime). Maybe you need to point a little further down than usual.
- As soon as you leave the room and stand in front of the mirror, a 180 degree turn (analog stick down circle button) and you hear another laugh for the fourth note book entry.
- You can find another crime scene in the attic. Go to the room after the broken wall and point with the puppet finger on the black pipe slightly left in the room. You hear again a corresponding noise (Fourth crime scene).
- Now go back into the starting room and use the video tape with the TV (optionally you can still interact with the cooking pot in the kitchen).
- Now you have to play back the Flashback sequence. It does not matter whether you interact with objects or not.
- After the sequence, go back to the cellar where you found the key for the attic window. On the ground you find a doll that you cannot take, but you hear the last laugh and get the fifth entry into the notebook.

Attention! This part of the demo seems to be somewhat obscured. So it may be that you cannot hear a laugh at the doll or it is heard very late (after about 30 seconds). If this is the case with you, you must use again the video tape with the TV and play the sequence again. Try this until you hear the laughter at the doll.

Open Locked Door And Find Dirty Coin

- You find the last scene in the kitchen now. Point the doll finger at the cooking pot until you hear the sound (Fifth crime scene).
- Now go one last time to the attic, where the hitherto locked door is now blood-stained and open.
- Go inside and you will find a rocking chair with a plaque on the "You’re the best ever!".
- The dirty coin, which you can now take, sticks to it.

The dirty coin can be transferred to Resident Evil 7 by item transfer as soon as this appears. To do this, you just have to leave your save with the coin on the console so that it can be retrieved at the start of the game as soon as you start Resident Evil 7. What the Dirty Coin brings to you is not yet known.