Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun - Tips / Strategy guide

In the latest stealth video game, Shadow Tactics Blades of the Shogun from the developer Mimimi Productions, you will face a conspiracy in Japan in 1615. Stealth is your way to success in Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun. Toggle enemies individually or pull small group with strong attacks. If you are spotted, Shadow Tactics will come to an end. A lot of guards will unfortunately overpower you and you have to work on a new tactics. In this guide, we give you some useful tips and tactics to sneak the ranks of the enemies secretly and behind the scenes.

- Familiarize with your characters: The abilities of the playable characters are unique and adapted to their playing style. Study them so that you can act right at all times. As a protagonist, Hayato is at your side, who is gradually getting to know four partners whose individual abilities you should internalize. You always get the best result with the right combinations of their abilities.

- Live with mistakes: The levels in Shadow Tactics are challenging, but it is normal that you make mistakes. It is about making the best of them and reacting well to spontaneous dangers. Here, too, a good knowledge of the abilities will always save your life. Try to find alternative solutions and have the courage to do different maneuvers. In the upper part of the screen you can see a bar which shows you whether it is time to save the game.

- Stay undetected: As already mentioned, you will have little success with the breaker bar. In the game you can often use bushes, waters, and houses as hiding places.

- Remove Traces: If you have eliminated an opponent, you should hide him somewhere. There are many ways to keep your progress secret. At the beginning of the game, you will always be used to hiding corpses at all times. Even in simple places, you should hide your opponent so it becomes a habit for you.

- Use the environment: You have to interact with the environment both when hiding and removing traces. In addition, you can also have your work done for you. Icicles on roofs, loaded cannon, or wild bulls can be used to eliminate enemies.

- Mark Objects: During the heat of the battle it can happen that the mysteries or interaction possibilities overlooked. Investigate the map thoroughly and click on objects that you want to highlight so that they can be remembered.

- Civilians neutral / hostile: If the viewpoint of a civilian is white, then you have nothing to fear. They don’t care about you or your opponents. Civilians with red visibility are dangerous. They reveal you to the guards, so you should either avoid them or remove them. Think of your karma - strike them unconscious, they don’t have to bless the temporal.

- Time and weather: The weather has a great influence on the game and in many missions you will move in the snow. It will bring you ice-caves, which can be rained on your guard, but you will leave footprints in the snow, which will allow your enemies to find you easily. If the mission takes place in the night, the visibility of your enemies is severely restricted and you can use the shadows to your advantage. Avoid light sources and you will be safe.