Super Mario Run: Delete Save Data and Start new game guide

You've already played Super Mario Run once and gathered all purple, pink and black coins and completed the bonus level. Now you can start a fresh game from scratch. But you must first delete your old saved data.

How to Delete Old Save Game

Super Mario Run offers only one save slot. As soon as you start the game, you are ready to go and don’t select a save slot. So Nintendo fans are used to search for the storage data first - you will also search for it in your iOS device. However, Super Mario Run already offers in its settings to completely delete the game.

To delete your current game in Super Mario Run, you should perform the following:

- Start the app first and click on the three dashes at the bottom left. This brings you to the menu.

- Now choose the options and look for the button for this app.

- Now, look at the bottom of the Delete Save Data setting. Now you have to confirm this again and the save is gone. Start the app again and you start again from the beginning.

What is Deleted?

Before you delete your entire game, you should think carefully about whether you want it at all. For this reason, the game gives you some warnings. Although the link to the My-Nintendo account disappears, but your account is not deleted with this service. If you've got the full version of Super Mario Run, it will not disappear as soon as you delete your save.