Super Mario Run: Expand your Kingdom - guide

In Super Mario Run, if you want to expand the kingdom and unlock new areas, you usually have to complete some games and worlds. The Kingdoms' functions are purely ornamental, on the other hand, they help you unleash character or other game features. For your kingdom to shine in old glory, you must collect a lot of toads and coins.

After Bowser has attacked your kingdom and kidnapped Princess Peach, all Toads have fled and you must find them again to rebuild the kingdom. Click on the castle to see how the kingdom looked before the attack. For a few coins you can already build the first buildings and thus already increase the level of your kingdom. The higher the level rises, the more buildings you can unlock.

The decoration buildings are mainly obtained by coins. Building for the character release you get for coins and toads. You collect Toads through the Toad Rally game mode and they are especially important to increase the level of your kingdom. However, you need coins for all purchases of buildings and decorations. Examples of decorations are: flags, mushrooms, grass and much more. You get to the shop via the menu button and get information about the individual buildings and their effects.

- Expand Kingdom: If you want to get additional building sites, you can expand your kingdom with rainbow bridges. Then you have the possibility to build more houses, mountains and buildings.

- Stone blocks: Some building sites are occupied by "nasty stone blocks". Before you can build a building there, you must remove the blockages with a hammer, which you can see in your tree.

- Additional buildings: When you open a new area, you get new items in the shop.

Toads and Coins for the Kingdom

You can unlock additional buildings with toads. There are five different types of toads: red, blue, green, purple and yellow. You then have to exchange them for building plans in different combinations. Especially for new characters, you must collect some of the mushroom heads. For Toad's girlfriend Toadette, you need 200 toads of each color and 1,000 coins. Include as many toad rally games as possible.

You'll get coins from normal world games. Mario goes through the various levels and you should try to collect as many coins as possible. Since you can repeat the missions as often as you like, you don’t need to worry much if you have only a small amount of money left after a run. In most cases, you'll have to get an impression of the coins' level and locations, so you can find the right tactics to collect all the coins.