Super Mario Run: how to Play All Modes

Super Mario Run brings some new features like gameplay that lets you control everything with just one click. Check out some useful tips on how to play all modes in the game:

World Tour

The World Tour is one of the main modes in Super Mario Run. It is the first one to be presented to us and can be accessed in the "Worlds" option at the bottom of the user's screen. Inside it we go the six main worlds, each with four phases - including a big boss.

The free version of Super Mario Run lets you play only three phases. To continue playing it is necessary to choose the option "Purchase screen" and buy the full version.


The controls are very simple, but worth an explanation with a little more attention: Mario runs alone in this game. There is no physical command to move it through the phase. What the player does is tap the screen to make the character jump. If the ringing is longer, it will skip higher. Double-tapping the screen causes Mario to jump and spin through the air or eliminate enemies.

Enemies are deflected by Mario automatically, but the player can tap the screen at the right time to make an elimination. If the character dies, falling into a pit or being touched by an enemy, he will return within a bubble, as a chance to continue from where he left off. Just touch the bubble to continue.

Racing - Toad Rally

The "Races" in the main menu represent the Toad Rally, which is the game's multiplayer mode. Go in there and choose your opponent on the next screen. The race works asynchronously. Here, the goal is to collect as many coins as possible.

The controls are exactly the same as the main mode, but with one difference: the Currency Fever. The more coins you take sequentially, it will be activated and you can generate even more coins throughout the phase. At the end of time, the game compares the scoreboard and sets the winner, who will win gifts and benefits to Kingdom Builder.

Kingdom Builder

Kingdom Builder is the "Build" mode of Super Mario Run, which can also be accessed in the home menu. This is where we built our own version of the Mushroom Kingdom, evolving the scenery according to our performances in the World Tour stages or the Toad Rally races victories.

Just touch the icon to start building, choosing what to do: Save to save items already in the scenarios; Move to modify location and Shop to buy what is being sold there with coins that we get in the main phases.

The more you build your kingdom, the more Toads will come to live in it, coming from other game modes, and so the Mushroom Kingdom will grow, giving you some additional benefits. The built kingdom can also be seen on the home screen, out of building mode, and is 100% interactive.

By clicking on one of the constructs, for example, it can generate a bonus stage where the player can try to collect even more coins, items and bonuses. Another building can make gifts, and so on.

Friends List and Setting

The game also brings the list of friends, so that you add your contacts through an official code that it provides. Just ask friends and add them to create your list - unfortunately it is not possible to do this through Facebook or another social network, as is common in mobile games.

In the settings you can find interesting options, such as the chance to reduce the graphical quality of the game, in the case of older phones, play with or without music and also activate the battery saving mode. Remember that Super Mario Run only works online, so there is no option to play offline.