The Division (1.5): best PvE build (D3-FNC) guide

The new patch 1.5 for The Division brings a new set of equipment, the D3-FNC gear set. This set is specialized in the ballistic shield and therefore represents an interesting option for tanks.

The D3-FNC gear set turns you into a true DPS machine, if you skill your character appropriately. The YouTuber Skill Up shows you this build in the following video and explains why D3-FNC is an incredible, super strong and super fun gear set.

To create the D3 FNC build

First of all, the set of equipment consists of a total of six pieces of armor, four of which you must move to unlock all bonuses. It refers to:

- 2 Set-Bonus: +15% Protection from elite
- 3 Set-Bonus: +30% Ballistic shield HP
- 4 Set-Bonus: Talent Enables the use of a machine gun when a ballistic shield is active. The critical hit chance of SMG is reduced to 0.

However, the frontline talent also means that you cannot change weapons during the active shield - even to the pistol. Without this talent you can only run with pistol when the shield is active.

Interesting: You can deal with the disadvantage with the 0% criterion hit chance in several ways: with the pulse generator, with wild gloves or the precision talent.

The Choice of Skills

For this build you need the ballistic shield. This is the mod "attack shield". This shield has about 20% less life than the standard shield, but it has enormous advantages. Choose these skills:

- Ballistic shield (Attack shield-Mod): This shield repels bullets for you and gives bonuses to damage resistance, recharge time, precision, stability, stagger chance, increased threat, and a 20% weapon damage bonus! Originally these fat bonuses were designed for the pistols. Now your machine gun can benefit as well.

- Pulse generator with tactical scanner

These are the armor parts

- Mask: D3-FNC with increased shotguns, with bonuses on skill level and enemy armor damage.

- Chest guard: Either High-end with the Reckless talent to increase the damage by 8%, but also increases the incoming damage by 10%. In this build your shield picks the damage for you, this talent is excellent. Otherwise, Barrett's bulletproof vest is recommended. Since you always activate the shield, the damage increases by 5%. Good bonuses on the chest are armor and Muni capacity.

- Knee pad: D3-FNC with increased stamina, bonuses on armor and enemy armor damage.

- Gloves: D3-FNC - If you have another item with D3-FNC (eg the backpack), choose high-end gloves with the Wild talent, which increases the critical hit chance for targets outside the cover by 7%.

- Backpack: High-end with the Specialized Talent, giving you 200% of shotguns and endurance to skill power. Otherwise, the resourceful talent is top, which means that each healing has an additional effect on the active skill. The shield is thus also "cured". Look for bonuses for armor and Muni capacity.

- Holster: D3-FNC With bonus on armor.

For the armor modes, you use shotguns (to unlock all weapon talents) and bonuses that increase toughness. If you are flanked, you must also have high toughness values - here the sign alone is not enough.

Choose these weapons

No big surprise: you need a machine gun with strong talents.

- Skill Up has a Navy MP5 N with the Talents: Brutal (Increased Headshot Damage by 12%), Responsive (Damage increased by 10% when closer than 10m to the target) and Predatory (Kill an enemy regenerates 35% Life Points over 20 seconds). Otherwise destructive is also strong.

For the weapon mods, you don’t need bonuses to critical hit chance because the 3-set bonus of D3-FNC destroys them. Set full to head shot damage - with the shield you are close to the enemy and can easily aim at the heads. Increases the range as well, since you are slow with the shield you can only overcome moderately longer distances. So that the SMG is also effective on range, keep looking at the mods for optimal range.

- Also choose a light machine gun. If your shield breaks, go to cover the enemy with them. This weapon type is also strong on range.

The character talents

Choose these character talents:

- One is None: Headshots have a 50% chance of not being consumed.

- Precision: By Headshots, the impulse effect is transferred to a target, which can cause critical hits and more damage.

- Steady Hands: Kill a target in motion to reduce incoming damage by 30% for 10 seconds.

- Critical Save: Use a low-health drug to increase the damage resistance by 40% for 10 seconds.

Conclusion: With this build, you get a powerful ballistic shield including machine gun, superior toughness, high weapon damage, more precision, stability, range, reload speed, bonus stagger, critical hits and bonus ammo.

This makes it possible to solo through the most challenging PvE activities and to deal with extreme damage as a tank. Possibly the best character setup for solo agents that is currently possible.