The Division 1.5: Best weapon talents for PvP

With the updates 1.4 and 1.5 for The Division, the talents on your weapons were reworked and new ones were added. These talents significantly influence the power of the wagon and in many cases decide whether or not you live out of a battle.

There are over 40 talents randomly distributed on the high end weapons. In this guide we show you the best weapon talents for PvP.

The new Meta in PvP

After SMGs and shotguns, the storm guns are the dominant weapon breed. Especially the LVOA-C surpassed. The modern agent carries an AlphaBridge build with a FAMAS to take advantage of their unique talent.

There are two things to consider when choosing a talent:

- The enemy armor damage has also existed in PvP since 1.5. This is now an extremely important value.

- Critical damage is not as powerful as it used to be. Therefore, with the talents one places now on other bonuses than on Crit.

The Best Talents For Pvp

Look for these talents

- Uncomplicated (FAMAS!): Weapon damage is increased by 15%. However, Precision and Stability Mods reduce this bonus. Especially, strong for AlphaBridge combinations.

- Destructive: This weapon increases armor penetration by 15%. One of the most important talents currently in The Division!

- Brutal: Use this weapon to increase head damage by 12%.

- Responsive: If the distance is less than 10 meters, the damage is increased by 15%.

- Competent: Weapon damage is increased by 10% for 15 seconds after a skill is cast.

- Unforgiving: Damage is increased on the basis of the lack of health: 1 missing segment 10%; 2 missing segments 25%.