The Last Guardian: guide / tips for dealing with Trico

In The Last Guardian, the relationship between the boy and Trico is the center of the game. In the game you encounter riddles, overcome obstacles and contest battles. In this guide we give you start-up assistance and show mechanics, which the game does not show you.

The Last Guardian: General tips for your adventure

- The Last Guardian is frugal with screen inserts and there is no such thing as road markers. If you're not sure where to go next, watch Trico and the boy. They usually look in relevant directions for objects or puzzles.

- Relatively early in the game you already make acquaintance with the armor in the game. These are enemies of stone that will lift you up and bring you to the blue doors that are everywhere. If they do that, means the Game Over. Pack yourself one of the armor, hammer on all the buttons of your controller to free you. Then run to Trico to make a brief trial with the enemies.

- The game world is largely linear and there are only few dead-ends or branches. In most cases, it is only a matter of reaching an elevated position. Always remember that you can easily reach high platforms via Trico. Sometimes you have to stay on Trico's back so he can jump over an obstacle. Trico calls you in such a case and howls.

Tips for Dealing With Trico

Trico is the focal point of gameplay. He is like a big dog and will show different emotions depending on the situation, which in turn require actions from you so that Trico soothes, jumps or attacks. As Trico just feels, you can recognize not only in his body language, but also in the color of his eyes. The different colors have the following meanings.

- Dark Green eyes: Normal state and ready for commands.
- White/Yellow eyes: Trico is distracted or fascinated by something.
- Pink eyes: Trico is hostile and even attacks you under certain circumstances.

Trico also gives different sounds depending on the situation. So he'll always moan if you're too far from him or not in sight. In addition, he will cry when he is ready to jump over obstacles with the boy to get to the next level. From a certain point in time you can give Trico in the game even commands. These are as follows.

R1: Trico call
R1 + X: Trico Jumps
R1 + Circle + Directional: Trico moves in the direction indicated
R1 + Triangle: Trico comes and stands on the hind legs
R1 hold + X: Trico Sitting/To scold
R1 hold + circle: Trico to get up/praise
R1 hold + triangle: Trico stomps to the ground
R1 hold + square: Trico makes a wiping suit

However, some of the maneuvers don’t work if Trico has too little space. In such a case, he will cry.

Keep the following tips in mind when dealing with Trico.

- After fighting, Trico is always upset and has to be soothed by stroking. This works best on Trico’s neck or back (keep the circle button pressed).

- Trico's tail can be used very often as a rope and even swing on it to reach certain places.

- You can help Trico in the fight against armor. If he has knocked you, you can snatch them from the helmets. In addition, you can jump on their backs to prevent them from throwing spears to Trico.

- Make sure that after each battle, you will scan the body of Trico for spears and remove them.

- Depend on certain areas for a while. Will give you the narrative stems from the off tips for further action. There is even a trophy for you to listen to all of these hints in the game.

- Barrels are the only collection items in the game. You can give them to Trico and if you find them all, there is also a trophy for them. Trico is doing better with every other barrel, and his horns and wings even grow. If you are near a barrel, blue butterflies will follow you. You're right there before you follow three butterflies. Even more butterflies mean even more barrels nearby.