Unlock Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, Toad, Toadette in Super Mario Run

Mario is not the only character that you can unlock in Super Mario Run, there are five more unlockable characters available in the game. But to unlock some of character you have to collect objects in the form of toads in different colors. Other characters require certain conditions that you must first fulfill.

At the beginning of your adventure, you only have the main character Mario, who runs nimble through the levels and jumps. As soon as you can unlock other characters, you can change them by tapping the character icon after selecting a level and selecting the hero. We introduce you to all possible Super Mario Run characters and show you how to get them:

- Unlock Mario: Mario is there from the beginning and he is the only character with an extra life as soon as you collect a mushroom. With him, you have to make a trip to Bowser to free Princess Peach from her captivity. Due to the additional life Mario is perfect for the entry into Super Mario Run.

- Unlock Luigi: The Mario's friend can be unlocked quite quickly in the game. For that you must have collected 150 green toads and 150 purple toads. You will get this from the gameplay Road Rally. If you have collected these, you can unlock Luigi for 1,000 coins and build the Luigi House. The guy has better jumping abilities than Mario and can achieve higher goals.

- Unlock Yoshi: The faithful companion Yoshi can be unlocked by the Yoshi House. In order to unlock him you need 30 yellow toads and 30 red toads, which makes it even faster to unlock than Luigi. Yoshi can put his flutter jump in the jump, pushing him further up. This is almost as high as Luigi.

- Unlock Peach: Mario's Princess and Girlfriend have once again fallen into Bowser's trap. She will join your team once you have freed her. So you have to play the game to unlock your peach. She can begin to hover in the jump so that she can safely overcome great pits.

- Unlock Toad: Toad is the little servant of Princess Peach and you can easily unlock him by connecting Super Mario Run to your My Nintendo profile. If you don’t have a profile, you can make it easily, if you have a Wii U or a 3DS. This allows you to continue to use other features for example, exchange points for rewards. If you have unlocked Toad, you must tap the gift box and Toad closes you.

- Unlock Toadette: Toadette is the girlfriend of Toad and owns her own toadette house. Take part in the Toad rally and collect 200 toads of each color and the usual 1,000 coins. This is quite time-consuming and therefore presents the greatest challenge.