Unlock Secret Ico / Shadow of the Colossus - The Last Guardian

In The Last Guardian, there are five hidden costumes to be unlocked for your character. There are also costumes, which are modeled on the heroes of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. In this guide, we will show you how to unlock and change the outfits in the game.

In addition to the outfits, you will also be able to unlock The Badge of Honor medal for Trico after your first game, which he can carry around like a collar around the neck. On the other hand, the other costumes for the character are related to the barrels that you can find everywhere in the game. The more you gathered the more outfits you can unlock.

Before you can adjust your character’s outfits, you must have completed The Last Guardian once. After that, you can start a new game directly and from now on you can choose the costumes for the boy from the game menu. This is only in the game and not on the main menu. The number of outfits available to you depends on the number of barrels fed to Trico in the first game round. The following unlockables are available.

1. Enduring Attire: A ceremonial outfit in blue color. (12 barrels)
2. Homecoming Costume: A ceremonial outfit in red color.(24 barrels)
3. Horned Apparel: Outfit in the style of the protagonist from Ico. (48 barrels)
4. Warrior’s Clothes: Outfit in the style of the protagonist from Shadow of the Colossus. (64 barrels)
5. Fine Featherpainter: A secret and peculiar outfit. (96 barrels)

The Badge of Honor medal: A special badge for Trico, which he carries in the New Game.

There is also a Trophy in connection with the outfits that requires you to have dressed all costumes in the game once.