ARK Survival Evolved: Final Boss Battles Strategy Guide

In this guide to ARK: Survival Evolved, we show you some useful tips and tactics to summon the  end game bosses and will also listed their values. In addition, we've picked some YouTube videos that show you how to defeat the individual bosses.

How to Summon Broodmother Lysrix

Broodmother Lysrix is a gigantic spider with various attacks. She is one of the bosses and has an aggressive temperament. If you wish to summon Lysrix with a command , please enter the following:

- Admincheat summon SpiderL_Character_BP_C or
- Admin "SpawnDino" Blueprint "/ Game / PrimalEarth / Dinos / Spider-Large / SpiderL_Character_BP.SpiderL_Character_BP '" 500 0 0 35

Lysrix is a gigantic spider. If you happen to be afraid of spiders, then prepare for a gruesome fight. But before you can summon this boss, you must bring certain items to the Obelisk . There the option "Summon Broodmother" appears. Choose this and the battle starts. The following items must be fetched:

8 x Artifact: Hunter, Clever, Pack, Massive, Skylord, Strong, Immune and Devourer
2x Sauropod Vertebra
4x Argentavis Talon
4x Tyrannosaurus arm
8x Megalodon Tooth

Attacks and values of Broodmother Lysrix

Lysrix has a health of 220,000. With each additional level (game), her health increases by +44,000. It spreads with its attacks a damage of 90 to 500. You cannot do the Broodmother in the main game. The only way to do this is in Survival of the Fittest (SotF). There she also has other values. If you succeed in defeating this boss, you will be rewarded with the Broodmother Trophy and the Spider Flag. The following types of attack will fire Lysrix against you:

Main attack - Tranquilized

- Your Torpor (Intrusion / Stiffness) increases by 30 points for 10 seconds.
- This effect is stackable.

Alternate attack - Araneos spawn

- Broodmother Lysrix spawns up to 7 Araneos that attack you.
- Up to 20 small spiders can be activated simultaneously.

Alternate Attack 2 - Webbed

- These attacks are caused by the large spider.
- It removes projectiles that reduce your movement speed by 50%.
- Effect duration: 10 seconds.

Tips for defeating the giant spider Broodmother Lysrix

You should not stand alone for the brethren. Grab the members of your tribe, as well as other tribes, and collect your high-end weapons. With fast and strong attacks you should be able to minimize the high health of the spider. The best thing is to cover yourself with a ranged weapon, and as soon as Lysrix starts her remote attacks, you should hide behind stones, so you don’t get them. They weaken you tremendously for a short time.

Equip yourselves with stimulants, in order to get the effects of the toxic attacks of the spiders in the handle. Don’t underestimate the small spiders (Araneo) . They can weaken you for the attacks of Broodmother. Kill them as soon as they start. The following video shows you a way to do the battle.

How to Summon Megapithecus

The Megapithecus looks like a giant snow gorilla and also the arena in which you will meet him. This final boss has an aggressive temperament and likes to throw around with big stones. If you want to have it spawned by command, enter the following:

- Admincheat summon Gorilla_Character_BP_C or
- Admincheat SpawnDino Blueprint '/ Game / PrimalEarth / Dinos / Gorilla / Gorilla_Character_BP.Gorilla_Character_BP' 500 0 0 35

The big gorilla with silver fur is blind in one eye, which makes him look even more dangerous. If you want to fight Megapithecus, you must also carry some items to the Obelisk to summon the boss. Choose the appropriate option and prepare for a tough fight. You need the following items to counter Megapithecus:

- 8 x Artifact: Hunter, Clever, Pack, Massive, Skylord, Strong, Immune and Devourer
- 2 x Sauropod Vertebra
- 4 x Argentavis Talon
- 4 x Tyrannosaurus arm
- 8 x Megalodon Tooth

Attacks and values of Megapithecus

Megapithecus has a health of 200,000, no matter what level you meet him. The range of attacks is low in Megapithecus, but his remote attack could cost you your life right away. The final boss is neither tameable nor riderable in the main game. As soon as you defeat Megapithecus, you will be rewarded with the Megapithecus Trophy and the Gorilla Flag. Prepare for the following attacks:

Close combat - Megapithecus hits with his hands.

- Damage on hit: 400

Distance fighting - Megapithecus throws with a big stone.

- Damage on hit: 4.500

Distance Fighting 2 - The final boss conjures up numerous Mesopithecus.

- Damage on hit: 12, increases with the level

Tips for defeating Megapithecus

The thrown large stone causes enormous damage to the area. If you see that he is approaching you, then try to get as far as possible out of reach. You will probably still get damage, but you can minimize it. If possible, try to guide the damage of the throw against the little helpers of the Megapithecus .

Build a small army of dinosaurs. If you happen to be able to tame a T-Rex and Raptor, then pack the baggage. In support of your opponent, a gigantopithecu, who has a high range with its close-range attacks and a long distance attack, cause a high damage to the area. So grab these monkeys as soon as he spies or leave the work to your animal helpers. The following video shows you how a fight can be.

How to Summon The Dragon

The Dragon is another end game boss you will encounter in the game. Here also, you need to summon the Obelisk using certain items. The dragon is neither tameble nor riderable outside SotF and has an aggressive temperament. However, if you want the dragon to be spawned, enter the following commands:

- Admincheat summon Dragon_Character_BP_Boss_C or
- Admincheat SpawnDino Blueprint '/ Game / PrimalEarth / Dinos / Dragon / Dragon_Character_BP_Boss.Dragon_Character_BP_Boss' 500 0 0 35

So far, this boss is considered to be the biggest creature in the entire game. He can do exactly what you would expect from a kite: flies and fire spikes. Anyone who does not want to be impressed by Dragon's enormous size and wants to fight the final boss must bring the following items to the obelisk:

- 8 x Artifact: Hunter, Clever, Pack, Massive, Skylord, Strong, Immune and Devourer
- 2 x Sauropod Vertebra
- 4 x Argentavis Talon
- 4 x Tyrannosaurus arm
- 8 x Megalodon Tooth

Attacks and values of the dragon

The dragon is equipped with a health of 200,000 at level 1. With each level, this increases by a further +40,000. Not quite as hard as his female counterpart, the dragon is still a dangerous opponent. With his attacks, he inflicts 500 to 600 damages and can easily set you on fire. The following attacks of the Dragons will make you hell hot:

Bite - The dragon causes bite damage.

- Damage on hit: 500

Fireball - The final boss shoots a fire ball.

- Damage on hit: 600

Flame - The dragon is on fire.

- 20% of the maximum health is burnt away for 10 seconds.

Tips for Defeating The dragon

Since the dragon is mainly dangerous through his fire attacks, you should prepare well for it. For example, you should provide water to avoid dehydration in combat. However, most important, is that you keep moving and hide from the dragons behind the stones. This is the best way to get shotguns, because the dragon flies a lot and cannot always be reached. But if you should approach him, then try to attack him from the rear. Since he cannot turn around so quickly, this is his "weak spot." So grab a few other players and try to kill this boss. The following video shows how the fight against the dragon can go:

How to Summon Manticore

The Manticore is the final boss in Scorched Earth and must be summoned, like the other bosses, with special items. Under normal circumstances the Manticore is not tameble or rideable. If you want to have this creature spawned, you can do this with the following commands:

- Admincheat summon Manticore_Character_BP_C or
- Admincheat SpawnDino Blueprint '/ Game / ScorchedEarth / Dinos / Manticore / Manticore_Character_BP.Manticore_Character_BP' 500 0 0 35

This end game boss is based on a figure from Persian mythology. It is a mixture of a lion, a bat and a scorpion. The Manticore is not yet widely known. So his values and the damage remain a secret. However, as soon as this information becomes available, we will supplement this article. Nevertheless, it is possible to provide some tips for the fight. If you defeat the Manticore, you must first summon it with the following items at the Obelisk:

- 3 x Artifact: Gatekeeper, Crag and Destroyer
- 10 x Fire Talon
- 10 x Lightning Talon
- 10 x Poison Talon

Tips for Defeating Manticore

The Manticore has several options to attack you. He will first fly over you and shoot from the air. As soon as he lands, he will strike with his paws and his scorpion tail. In addition, large deathworms are also spoiling to weaken you. If he moves, change your position to escape the attack.

Use the stones to find shelter in front of the remote marches of the Manticores and do not attack them alone. The following video shows you that flamers are quite effective against the opponents in this fight: