Conan Exiles: barbarian wasteland contains profound history

In Conan Exiles, your adventures begin as a criminal who is crucified to await death but is saved by Conan the Barbarian. You escape into the barbarian wasteland, an inhospitable region full of dangers and monsters. But this land also has a story that you can experience in the course of your adventures.

Everywhere you can find traces of an ancient civilization that once ruled over this area. Ruins, falling down towers and once magnificent bridges testify that this civilization was very developed.

The history of a lost civilization

Many statues buried in the sand show insect-like humanoids and you will surely ask yourself whether these were the once rulers of this land. What happened to them? Why did their civilization go under?

You can find references to their history everywhere and even their once powerful magic is still to be felt and keeps some of the guards still "alive". You will follow the spirits of the past and hear voices from a long past time that speak to you. So you will collect more and more information of this culture and slowly become aware of the secrets of the rich Lore.

Explore the secrets

In the middle of the country you will find the Nameless City, apparently the once capital of this civilization. There are gruesome monsters there and you expect countless dangers. However, you will also find many treasures in the underground chambers and explore ancient secrets.

But also in other parts of the country dangers await you such as the The Yog worshipping Darfari cannibals, thieves and pirates. There are wild beasts in the caves, and there will be horrors in the galleries and temples, which will scare the hell out of you.

Always be careful. If you come into contact with dark magic or with demonic or undead creatures, then that is corrupting and destroying will slowly spread within you. But all of this will be your own experience when the PC version of Conan Exiles starts on the 31st of January in the early access phase.