Conan Exiles Early Access is now available

Conan Exiles, the open-world survival video game from the developer Funcom is now available in the Early Access version for PC. The standard edition will cost $ 29.99 and the Barbarian Edition will cost $ 59.99.

At the moment, the official servers are also available. With the official servers, you can choose between three variants. Either PvE or PvP, or you are into the hectic adventure of the PvP Blitz server. Every 30 days a wipe takes place on the Blitz servers, but you can also have your own servers.

All tools are provided in order to be able to operate your own server. Alternatively, you can play Conan Exiles alone - even in an offline mode.

If you start a server yourself, then you can customize settings. For example, whether there should be a Wipe or not, whether PvP is allowed, how many players should be, and whether the sand storms in the game can be fatal. In this way, you can create the game world the way you would like it to be. The server you can either host yourself on your PC or you rent a server.

Your adventure in the game begins when you hang for your crimes on the cross. By choosing what crimes you have committed you create your character, his appearance and sex.

Conan, the barbarian of the cross, saves you from dark monsters and sends you to the land of the exiles where you are to start your new life. You must collect raw materials to make weapons and armor. In addition, you also need a shelter to be protected from the deadly storms. Food and water are, of course, also vital to survival.

Build a new life

Over time, you will find more and more valuable raw materials that will make you more effective weapons and armor. Your shelter will build you into a fortress, which will continue to improve. By not killing NPCs from wild tribes, but capturing them and chaining them to your wheel of pain, you break their will and take them as slaves. They defend your fortress and help you produce new items.

Later you can move deeper into the interior of the country and meet more and more dangerous monsters. In the ancient ruins you can find evidence of the civilization that once ruled over this country. But be careful: the more you get in touch with the dark beings, the more corrupt your soul. Also, (on the PvP servers) make sure you can attack other players. They will also try to destroy your fortress, because all buildings are completely destructible.

By paying homage to one of the gods and offering him sacrifices or doing good deeds, you increase your influence with him. Eventually, you will then summon your avatar and use this to trample down your enemies.