Conan Exiles: PvP plays an important role

If you are interested in the upcoming open world survival game Conan Exiles and plan to play on a player versus player PvP server, you must be aware that everything you build up can be smashed by other players. But without construction, you don’t get far in the game.

You are starting to construct small buildings that you slowly build into a fortress. If you are targeting another player, either fight for the land or you will join and build your fortress into a fortified city. Players appear on the map within a few kilometers of each other.

Keep in mind that the bigger your base, you need more land and you will eventually meet players who want to claim the same land for themselves. When it comes to PvP fighting you are trying to destroy the buildings of your enemies, which they want to do with your buildings.

However, for this you need weapons that are at least one level above the level of the buildings, otherwise you will not be harmed. So you have to build strategically and construct strong walls, strengthen the buildings, and take care to use events such as rocky clefts.

In addition, you must ensure that your slaves defend your fortress during your absence. You also have to place the guards strategically, for example archer on the walls.

Together in the clan you have better chances in attacks, but if you really want to completely destroy your enemy, you should put on religion and summon an Avatar of your God. However, you are vulnerable during the incantation and while controlling the avatar. But the tremendous manifestation of your God will make a short process with the fortress of your enemies.

You can lose everything

It will not be easy to destroy your enemies in Conan Exiles, because monsters and wild animals, as well as NPC opponents, are also hard on the PvP servers. Therefore, on a PvP server it is possible to lose everything.

The hard work of building a beautiful and great fortress can be solved by an attack by enemy players as well as by an all stomping avatar in smoke.