Dark and Light: how to Capture, Tame and Ride Dragons

In the Snail Games' sandbox fantasy RPG Dark and Light, you will be able to capture, tame and ride dragons.

Dragons are often serve as opponents and bosses in RPG games. In some games you can also use them as riding animals. In the upcoming online game Dark and Light they are both.

You will always run into dragons during your adventure in the huge and beautiful fantasy world. This leads to violent battles. But you don’t have to kill the creature. Use a special crossbow to capture these animals. You shoot ropes at the creatures to get them on the ground.

At some point, the dragon will not be able to move any more, and will be able to land on the ground despite violent wing hits. This is your chance!

You jump on the back of the animal and tame it, so that it is now available to you as a riding animal. On the back of a dragon mounts, you explore the world from a different perspective, travel faster from one place to another, and visit places that could hardly be reached on foot. There will not be any air battles. In a video you can see how a hero catches a dragon, tame and finally rides on the creature.

Dark and Light wants to break with some conventions of common RPGs. For example, there are not thousands of players in the world, but only a few hundred. The exact number is still to be announced. In this way, one should again feel more like being a true hero and not one among thousands of heroes.

A release date has not yet been fixed for this game but it is expected to release this year. Dark and Light is the reboot of an RPG that was discontinued 10 years ago.