Defeat / Kill Molded, boss fight tactics - Resident Evil 7

In Resident Evil 7, you will bump into monsters called Molded. They are odd shaped creatures that come out from the dark surrounding of the Baker house.

In the game, you will encounter two types of Molded. The normal Molded you will find at the basement of the Bakers estate. The Molded possess basically only 2 attacks:

Swing / Blow: They will try to hit you with their long arms to hurt you with the claws. In this case, you only have a small damage. Sometimes they just stand still and then quickly move their arms forward in your direction.

Bite: However, the bite looks different, it can injure you severely to deadly that is why you should keep some distance when you battle with Molded.

Molded are able to get up quickly if they have fallen to the ground by a shot. They can roll back on their feet backwards.

The Molded hear your steps, they follow you. But they are not very intelligent, so you can override and shake them off when you just flee into another room and close the door behind you. So you can simply go past them, because they only guard a certain area.

Some of the Molded are special. They are bigger, stronger or occur in a different form. You can basically fight them with any weapon but best with a shotgun. With that you often need only one shot in the head to take the monster down. It can also be helpful to shoot the Molded first in the legs and then in the arms to get them to fall. But if you want to save ammunition, then it is best to target the head.

In the course of the game you reach the Lucas Baker’s testing area where he has set up some traps to play with Ethan. Lucas speaks to Ethan via loudspeakers. Lucas holds both Mia and Zoe caught here and you want to release the two of course quickly.

You must activate the elevator, but you need a battery that you have to use in the right place. But the part explodes and Lucas now sends the Molded on you.

Lucas looks at the fight as a battle in an arena and the entertaining announcer. In the barn on the test ground begins the boss fight. You should take your shotgun or the Magnum with you, if you bought them with the antique coins.

The Fat Molded here is especially big and fat. It spits an acidic on you that is causing you harm. Before this you must be careful. Then go to cover and always have an obstacle between him and you. Never let yourself be pushed into the corner.

Shoot with the shotgun / rifle on the head of the beast. You can also aim at the trunk and shoot at the organs. You need some shot to pull the Fat Molded down. With the shots, you can also push him back well, because he then staggering backwards. You may also break your spit attack, but you should not be too close to the Fat Molded, because the throw up would then splash on all sides and hit you.

Also try to get behind him. So he cannot spit you and you can undisturbed on his hind head. But the Fat Molded is very fast, so he will quickly turn around and stumble back into your direction to puke you.

If you've given him the rest, Fat Molded crashes to the ground and his body explodes. Congratulations! You won the fight! Now you can also use the elevator you have previously activated.


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