Diablo 3: Defeat the Dark Lord - Guide (Patch 2.4.3)

The latest patch 2.4.3, The Darkening of Tristram, for Diablo 3 brings a new dungeon inspired by the first Diablo. Entitled to a retro look and nostalgic challenges, clearing the Cathedral is a fun and challenging. Check out our guide to defeat the Dark Lord.

Accessing the Cathedral

In order to play on the new retro level, you must first complete the main DLC Reaper of Souls campaign. Once you've done that, simply walk to any of the fast travel points on the map and travel to "Old Ruins" in Act 1, the quest site "The Darkening of Tristram".

There, walk a little to the left from the spawn point until you find the portal shown in the image below. Enter through the slot and this will activate the retro graphic. In the new area, walk northeast to find the Cathedral, the new dungeon of the game.

The dungeon consists of 16 floors inspired by the levels and challenges of the first game in the Diablo series, recreating even the bosses of the game. The maze is fairly linear most of the time.

Your first big challenge is the Butcher boss. Don’t be intimidated by its size and speed, because despite its light races, it is easy to get around your body and fill you with attacks from the back in the mean time. Just avoid coming face to face with him, for every blow you receive in full can take more than half of your energy.

Breaking the Dungeon

With each new floor the enemies will be a little more powerful, so try to catch enough loot and keep your hero always well equipped to minimize the difficulty. Remember to stock potions and use them only at the time of the squeeze, when the character is close to death. Until then, try to recover the drinking energy from the cauldrons filled with red liquid.

On the 15th floor you will find a seemingly dead end alley. To progress, search the far left and right of the map, because each corner hides a bookcase with only one book on top. Interact with them to be teleported to new rooms where it is necessary to defeat all enemies to progress.

Defeat The Dark Lord

As soon as you finish the 15th floor, a new portal will appear in the center of the map, this time in red. Prepare yourself well, it will lead you directly to the Dark Lord, the final boss of the quest. The battle can be delayed, since the boss owns a large HP bar.

Be patient and attack with intelligence, being careful to deflect from your occasional lightning bolts, which have a long range. When the enemy finally overturns, you will be rewarded with a computer graphics scene output directly from the classic Diablo, plus another great loot.