Diablo 3 - Season 9: best Class / build for solo and group

In Diablo 3: Season 9, your progress is reset and you begin with a new season character at level zero. Because there are often balancing changes before the seasons, different classes are at the top of each rank list. In this guide we will show you the classes that are best suited for the different game styles.

What is the best solo class in Season 9?

If you are planning to complete the Greater Nephalem Rift in the season 9 alone and without the help of other players. Then we recommended as a solo class, the magician and the Crusader.

As a magician, you get the firefighters set, which is currently strong. If you are a Crusader, you will receive the Requests Set from Haedrig's Gift. This spider set is as strong as the Firebird Set at the magician. Especially in the solo game the Crusader with this set has good cards.

You will not have any problems with both classes from the start of the season and you can probably finish the goals of the season trip.

Best classes for 2 player groups

If you play the season nine together with a friend, then there are good class combinations that support each other. A good combination is a support monk, who plays Arachyr with fire bats. While the Witch Doctor distributes the damage, the support monk ensures that the doctor remains alive.

Another strong combination is a support barbarian along with a wizard. The magician plays the Firebird set with Archon abilities. The wizard needs less help to stay alive. In this combination, the Barbarian is mainly responsible for pulling opponents together so that the magician hits as many enemies as possible with damage to the area.

These two combinations will probably be strong during the entire ninth season in Diablo III. The classes simply blend well together.

Best classes for 3 player groups

Together with two other players you can put together a strong group. While Patch 2.4.3 was active on the PTR servers, a compilation was particularly successful and dominated the ranking lists: Support Barbarian Support Monk Witch Doctor with Fire Bat Build.

While the Barbarian forces the enemy into groups, the monk can keep the hex alive. The two support classes are especially important for most groups.

Best classes for 4 player groups

If you are in a group with a total of 4 players, then you should consider whether you prefer damage or support.

DPS: If you feel more comfortable, if you have a lot of damage as a DPS character, the witch doctor is a good choice. By the buff of the Arachyr set, you are now doing much more damage. The 6-piece set bonus has been updated since Patch 2.4.3:

- The damage done by your creature's skills is increased by 2400%. The skills of the creatures are corpses, toads, firefighters, grasshoppers, hexes, and piranhas.

If you have played enough witch doctor and want to try another DPS class in the group of 4, the wizard is also a good choice. As a magician, you get the Firebird Set from Haedrig's gift. With this set, you should be able to reach level 95 and more in Great portal.

An alternative to witch doctor and magician is the monk. According to current data, the witch doctor is the safest choice, closely followed by the magician. Since the Meta develops only in the course of the season, are at this point only conjectures.

Supporter: If you don’t have the role as a damage distributor and you prefer to support your group members, then you can do this with the monk and the barbarian. For these classes, there are builds where they don’t deal much damage, but help their team with buffs or other abilities with which opponents are drawn.

While the example is good for pulling monsters together, a z Monk keeps your DPS characters alive with abilities like Holy Retreat. The "z" before barbarian and monk means that the classes do not cause (zero) damage, but rather take a tank / support role.

Keep in mind that no meta has yet been established. The best classes can always change during the season. In general, you should play classes that are fun for you.