Diablo 3: what's new in Update / Patch 2.4.3?

The new update 2.4.3 for Diablo 3 will bring new content into the game. Including the Darkening of Tristram, which is played in the Diablo 1 style. In addition, the developers have revised some class and set items.

In this article, we show you what changes that the new patch 2.4.3 brings with it.

Darkening of Tristram

During the BlizzCon, the developers of Diablo III announced this dungeon in the style of Diablo I. In the Darkening of Tristram event, players should be given the opportunity to return to the dungeon with which the game began. If you enter Tristram in the portal at the well, you will enter the world of Diablo I.

A pixel filter provides a retro look in this dungeon. In addition, camera movements and animations are different. While you are playing the event, you should interact with all possible objects and people to find allusions to Diablo I. In the video, the Blizzard team shows you how this event occurs in the game.

You can play this event during the whole of January. In the depths of the pixelated dungeon, you will find Transmogrification, successes and other surprises.

Changes to Nephalem Portal

If you want to compete with other players in Diablo III, you often do this in big nephalem portal. Here are some changes to improve the player experience. The developers have made the distribution of the monsters and the sizes of the different levels more uniform. On average, it should now take two to four levels until you have completed a Nephalem Portal.

In addition, the areas are now changing more often so you don’t often see the same terrain several times in a row. There is another bonus for survival artists. If you fail to die during a Nephalem Portal, then you get an extra chance to upgrade a legendary gem.

Revised Set Items in Season 9

Changes to Diablo III items have been made. For example, Talisman of Akkhan was added as the seventh set part of Akkhan's armor. The barbarian strengthens his damage over the Saffron wrap cloth and Crusader increase the damage of Blessed Hammer with a two-handed sword. In addition, there is a new gem in the game, which regularly adds 12,500% of weapon damage to opponents.

Battle with Monster

Some monsters in Diablo III did not like to play, because it took considerable time to kill them. This was not necessarily due to the fact that they had too many life points, but had, for example, buried themselves in order to delay their death.

There Were Some Changes:

- Opponents who jump at you (for example assassins) can now be killed in the air.

- Opponents, who become uninhibited (eg sand-sharks or rockworms) don’t creep in the ground any longer.

Some of the opponent affixes have been changed. This includes shielding, reflecting damage and electrifying. There is also a new affix called steam roller. Opponents who have steam rolls as affixes are immune to loss of control loss, but they move more slowly and suffer more damage.

Dye Stock Now Available at Myriam

The players of you who have regularly dyed your clothes can breathe a sigh of relief. The dyes are now collected at a different location. Myriam the mystic has now all the colors in stock and lets you color your equipment quite comfortably, without great detours.