Digimon World Next Order: beginner’s guide and tips

The time very important in Digimon World Next Order as certain events take place every 24 hours, you should know that 24 minutes in reality correspond to 24 hours in the game. However, the time pauses when you are on menus. So if you wait a day, don’t go to the menu to let them pass.

The first important step in the game is the selection of your Digimon. In this part, there are even two monsters that you can have at the same time. The first eleven are presented to you, and you may choose two of them.

Below we will give you some useful tips for the care and the training. The little monsters need a lot of care. Luckily! Always pay attention to the bubbles and you will know the needs of the small animals. But what is also important is the training. You should know this:

- In the training room you can advance the status of your favorites. Go to the console and decide which of them should be trained. But always go smoothly with the young horses: If you don’t allow the Digimon a break, they could get sick.

- Don’t undervalue the need to go to toilet. It can cause permanent damage to your companions. Use the toilets you find and get as soon as possible the mobile toilet.

- The meat of Tanemon will soon be no longer sufficient, so you need to worry about other food sources. First, you have the opportunity to feed some mushrooms to your digimon, but later you will be able to grow meat yourself.

- So that you can influence how your monsters behave in the battle or what they digitize , you should always pay attention to the joy, discipline and the curse. It is not only important that you praise the partners, but also vindicate them. This has an effect on the joy and the discipline.

Tips For the Fight

Even if you are told exactly how you have to fight in the game, we want to give you some useful tips for the fight. If you still have questions open, then go to Jijimon's house . There you will find Punimon and he will tell you a bit about it.

- You can command your Digimon in battle by using the L and R keys. These are then visible for five seconds, so you have only a limited period of time for your commands. The cooldown for this action is five more seconds.

- So that you have enough command power to determine actions, you must cheer your Digimon with X. In this way you get five points on the command force. After a cooldown of five seconds, you can repeat the action.

- If you press the L and R buttons at the same time, you can have your partners blended, making them stronger attackers. But you need enough command points. This action is called Extra Cross Evolution (ExE).

- One of the simplest tips is to strengthen your digimon in battle with items. Actually it is clear, but can be forgotten in the zeal of the battle. Always keep the LP of the partners in mind. Leave the rest to your monsters.

General Tips

- The small Digimon don’t live forever, so it is important that you don’t waste time.

- If you have achieved a little progress, then don’t hesitate to save. You can do this at any time and should not neglect it in any case.

- Not only the main missions but also the side quests are important. So don’t be too stiff on the big thing. By doing side missions you find many interesting things. For example toilets, which are then marked on your card.

- If you don’t know how many secondary and main quests are currently available, you can simply open your card. Here you can find an overview of the existing tasks of the level.

- Many questions are answered in the game by the Digimon itself. If you need tips on the location of the Digimon, you have to talk with Tokomon. Wormmon gives you tips on the favorite dishes of the monsters. You see, it's worth talking to the Digimon.