Final Fantasy 15: how to Plant Carrot / Vegetables

In the latest installment in Final Fantasy game series, Final Fantasy 15, Noctis and his buddies can use various formulas to get items and earn extra money during the campaign. One of the most interesting is the carrot planting, where it takes some dedication to get weapons materials and some GILs.

The field is right next to Iris's house, which also supplies the seeds for Noctis to plant the carrot. Check out the guide on how to plant carrots and trade them for items in the game.

- After gaining access to this region, visit the point marked on the map and talk to Iris to get seeds.

- Follow the left side until you find a small area for planting.

- Approach the marked point and press X / A to plant your seeds.

- After about a day, the carrots will have been grown in the place, and can be harvested by Noctis.

- After that you will complete a mission, and you will gain a small amount of experience. From now on Noctis can use the planting site.

- After the first harvest, a character will appear and offer money or items in the carrots. Use the menu to select what item you want in the exchange.

- It is possible to get some rare and powerful weapons, plus good amounts of money and other interesting items.