For Honor: Faction Classes guide

In For Honor, you have to choose one of the three factions. These factions are divided into different classes and they have all the elite warriors. But, of course, each group has its uniqueness. At present, you’ll find the following 3 factions in the game.

Knights: The knights appreciate the great heroes in their circle who have already fought numerous opponents and invasions. They defend their possessions with heart, blood and make hundreds of warriors for the battle. Now they have to fight on two fronts and they will do so, only to protect their homeland.

Samurai: The samurai are strong and for thousands of years their people traveled through the deserts in the south, which could have killed them, but that did not happen. Heroes have skill and devotion. They want to give their people a new home and do everything for a victory.

Vikings: The water is their element - The Vikings sailed miles across the rough sea. Their goal is to attack the coast in the south, to conquer it, and to teach their opponents the fear. The heroes of the Vikings are characterized by a great fire and passion for the cause. Their heroes fight relentlessly when they perform a storm attack. They don’t care if they drive others from their homelands to give their own people a home.

Each hero class has its advantages and disadvantages and has very special skills, which in turn only use them. The roles that the classes occupy within the faction are similar but still unique.

At the moment this looks like the Legionnaire class in the faction of the knights and Ninja within the faction of the samurai, as they were on an announcement photo. Possibly the individual new characters are gradually integrated into the game.

Fraction Classes With Strong Weapons

Heroic, brave and strong are the warriors of the all factions. Among them are men and women alike. There are narrow, elegant warriors on all sides as well as the bully and muscle-packed. On the one hand, a clever avoidance is possible and on the other hand a pure overrun by mass and force.

Different weapons are used on the battlefield. The gameplay of the characters also makes a difference. These weapons and equipment will provide for joy:

- Knights: Two-Handed Weapons, Morning Star, Halberd, Shields - Heavy armor made of iron plates

- Samurai: Katana (sword), clubs, shields are not used - Light, colorful armor of the samurai

- Vikings: Axes, swords, spears, round shields - Leather armor and armor

The Faction Classes

Each faction is once again divided into 4 character classes, each of which is subject to heroic types. The classes also take on different functions in combat:

- Vanguard: These are well-balanced heroes who are versatile and have good abilities in attack and defense.

- Assassin: The assassins are the nimble, silent murderers among the heroes. They are the best in double combat because they have excellent attack scores.

- Heavy: These resistant heroes are slow, but deadly by their power. You can use these warriors particularly well at positions where there is a place to defend and AI enemies to be defeated.

- Hybrid: These heroes are a hybrid of the other heroes. They are good to use if you want to use unusual tactics. These characters are more advanced.