For Honor: factional war and game modes details

From various video clips and leaks it was already clear that the hack and slash video game For Honor can offer both a multiplayer and single player. One of the clearest evidence was probably the story trailer, from which we have learned that the mysterious Apollyon is pulling the threads behind the endless war and you are most likely to have to put the craft on it - or even enter into an alliance?

In alpha and beta tests, we already had an idea of the available multiplayer possibilities. There is a factional war lasting several days and weeks, in which you can compete for one of the three factions to make good progress through success. After completing a circle, you can choose another faction. However, you are not limited to the heroes of a faction, but can play all the classes in the games.

There are three different game modes have been published so far,. You can face another opponent in a duel or compete in 2 vs 2. This is about getting the most wins in a maximum of five rounds. The third mode is the 4 vs 4 rule. This is closest to a battle and you are going to the battlefield with seven other players.

- 1 vs 1 Duel: Take a hero with whom you can play well and put an opponent in max. Five rounds. Whoever has three wins first wins the game.

- 2 vs 2 Duel: In this game mode, you must also win 3 victories in max. Five rounds, together with an ally. You all start on a small area and face an opponent.

- However, you can go directly to your ally and try to get a short advantage.

- After each turn, you will receive the opponent, who was not directly opposite you in the previous round.

- 4 vs 4 Domination: This mode is a domination game. You can take a maximum of three zones and earn points for your team.

- The killing of NPCs brings yours Team +1 Points And if you kill an enemy hero, your team will receive 5 points.

- Victory series give additional points.

- Once a team has reached 1000 points, each opponent's hero has only one life left. So there is no respawn and the leading team must kill all four heroes.

- However, the underlining team can steal points by taking zones and kills. In this case they will get the Respawn option again.

The factional war in For Honor

The factional war is the particular challenge in the longer term in For Honor. It is cross-platform and you will receive war resources, depending on your personal performance. You fight for a faction and take part in a kind of season. We list the contents of the factional war below.

- Choose a faction and fight with any hero
- One round takes two weeks.
- A season lasts ten weeks.
- Collect war resources to support your faction in certain areas.
- The play or fronts, determine the playable cards.
- At the end of the season, you can receive special rewards and the factional war is reset.