For Honor: how to get Keys to access Closed Beta

There is a closed beta test before the release of the sword fighting For Honor. In order to take part, the developer has come up with something special: Build a weapon and get a key to thank.

The closed beta will start on February 14, 2017. However, another closed beta will take place from 26 to 29 January, in which you will be able to play a major part of the game modes planned for the release. The beta starts for PC, PS4 and Xbox One and contains three of the four game modes and nine out of twelve classes.

The beta will feature the following

The three game modes included in the beta are the 4vs4 domination mode, the 2vs2 team battle, and the 1vs1 duel. With the factions you have

- The heroes Raider, Berserker and Warlord among the Vikings
- Conqueror, Warden and Peacekeeper among the knights
- As well as Orochi, Kensei and Nobushi in the samurai.

They hit the skulls on six maps. Furthermore, there is in the beta for the first time a function called "Fraction War".

This is a sustained cross-platform meta event, in which all the victories of the faction you support are collected. The more a grouping can get through, the more territories it gets on a map. Who won the most land at the end of the beta wins. All supporters receive rewards. You choose your faction once and no matter what heroes you play, your victories count as always for the chosen group.

It all sounds great, but how do I get into the damn beta? Very simple! Instead of waiting for any beta invites or participating in contests, you only have to watch a few movies and then build a weapon.

On a website called SCARS, Ubisoft has portrayed the story of three warriors from For Honor. Choose one of the three fighters and click through his life by watching a total of four films.