Fun / Side activities and mini games in Yakuza 0

Yakuza Zero is an open world spectacle of the extra class, where you can pass the time with countless fun side activities some cost money and others give prizes. Check out the best fun activities available in the game.


As one of the most popular sports in Japan, where the game takes place, baseball is an interesting fun of Yakuza 0, although it is also one of the most difficult. Kazuma can practice batting within specific clubs for this.

Bat needs to be moved with the cross-hair, which must hit the ball thrown by the machine, in the distance. It is not easy to hit the target in the control, therefore only with the practice we will have good results.


Another cultural activity very popular in Japan, and also in the world, the karaoke houses are mixed with the bars of the city of Kamurocho. It is possible to sing and accompany music with specific commands in the control, as if it were a rhythm game.

This fun activity develops Kazuma’s social skills, and also makes him a star in the bars and restaurants that rely on the activity. So it is always good to sing a little or accompany others in the singing.


Arcades are key parts of the side activities in the game. In them, Kazuma can earn collectible goodies, such as Mega Drives plush, and also have fun with full versions of classic Sega games like Space Harrier.

The arcades are spread throughout the city and are always houses of Sega. The claw machines give prizes to the most skillful and also offer varied rewards.

Slot Car Racing

Another interesting point in Yakuza 0 is Slot Car Racing, installed in gigantic rooms and spread throughout the city. They allow the player to compete in tournaments with small cars.

At the end of each race, Kazuma can win a prize, participate in the ranking of the place and become champion, with constant awards and from time to time, until he is dethroned from the top.


The ballads are what the name describes: great parties, but that works both day and night in the world of Yakuza 0. Kazuma can participate and take a few steps on the dance floor to impress who is around.

Just like karaoke, dancing raises a character's social level and also requires the player to follow commands on the controller while moving a small doll that represents the dance floor. The better you dance, the more Kazuma will impress.

Snooker, Darts and Other Games

In addition to electronic games, Yakuza 0 also has bars and restaurants with more social games such as snooker and darts. They improve the physical characteristics of Kazuma as the player progresses.

Here you have to pay for each game, so always have some money that you don’t mind spending. It is possible to play with strangers or other characters who are accompanying you at the time of departure.

Video Booths

Video Booths also serve to increase Kazuma's social status. As you find adult movie actresses throughout the city, the character can enter these locations and rent or watch movies produced by these models.

No prohibited scenes for minors are displayed, only light sensual level, but they are varied and can unlock other types of Yakuza 0 content, such as the escort houses, which are girls who literally accompany Kazuma at dinner or coffee.

It is worth remembering that the side activities and mini games in Yakuza 0 are highlighted on the map with the color purple and a star on top.