GTA 5: All endings guide - Franklin, Michael and Trevor

In GTA 5, there are three alternate endings and these endings revolve around the three main protagonists Franklin, Trevor and Michael. With your personal decision from a certain point in the game, you can also choose who and who cannot survive.

In total, there are three endings in GTA 5, which are as follows.

Ending A: Kill Trevor (Mission: Something Sensible)
Ending B: Kill Michael (Mission: The Time's Come)
Ending C: All survive (Mission: The Third Way (Deathwish))

As you can see, Franklin is the only character who cannot die, and with whom you make these decisive decisions. If Trevor and Michael were already watching the whole game over a thorn in the eye, you now have the perfect opportunity to kill off one of the two.

However, the endings A and B leave a guilt feeling with the player. In general, the atmosphere of these missions is rather gloomy and so they can be viewed as bad or evil endings. Only at the good end C is all peace, joy and all the characters can survive. We'll show you each ending in more detail below.

Note: As soon as you have finished the main mission The Big Score, the story splits into the three mentioned last missions. If you want to play every mission and see every guy, create a manual game, then load it again to play alternative endings.

Ending A: Kill Trevor (Mission: Something Sensible)

Trevor has long been an unnecessary risk factor and his incalculability is the FIB agent Steve Haines. In addition, Trevor has invested with Merrywather's entire private army, which is why he is no longer viable. If you decide to kill Trevor, you start with Franklin the last mission " Something Sensible".

Trevor, who smells the roast directly and escapes in his pick-up. After a chase, Michael finally comes in and drives his pick-up into an oil tank. As your last action you can now shoot Trevor, when he is curving. Trevor burns alive and Franklin and Michael go separate ways.

Ending B: Kill Michael (Mission: The Time's Come)

The devil of Devin Weston against Michael knows no boundaries. He sees in him the culprit who killed his secretary through the airplane engine. In addition, he has destroyed Devon's million-dollar real estate deal.

Here, too, first you arrange a meeting in the Pampa and then deliver a prosecution with Michael by car. This leads over rails to a factory site, where the hunt continues on foot. Ultimately, you can put Michael at the top of a chimney and you push him over the railing. You can still choose whether you want to lift Michael again or let go. However, both options inevitably lead to the death of Michael.

Ending C: All survive (Mission: The Third Way (Deathwish))

Bros stay Bros and if you want to see Michael, Trevor and Franklin riding together in the sunset, you have to decide for the good ending C and the mission "The Third Way". This mission is by far the most comprehensive, by which you can eliminate all the factions in the game.

It leads to confront Merryweather and the Triads, takes care of Stretch and the Ballas, but also let FIB Agent Steve Haines lead taste. At a picturesque sunset, the three finally meet on the Pacific coast and open the trunk of their car, where they give billionaire Devin Weston a few last words before they push him and the car down the cliffs.

If you have finished the singleplayer of GTA 5, it is not long yet. The multiplayer mode GTA Online is regularly updated with updates and has plenty to offer for you. For example, you can become a CEO and lead your own company. Or you can start a motorcycle club. Alternatively, drive your car and earn a golden nose.