GTA 5 Online: Discounts for CEO Offices, Vehicles and Weapons

Rockstar Games has announced the promotion for the GTA Online. Starting from today, discounts are available in various areas of the game for a limited time. These include weapons, aircraft and CEO offices. So if you've been thinking of starting a CEO business to earn substantial amount of GTA $, then this is the best time.

In addition, the developer offers the double money reward in different game modes, which increase your account fast.

Double GTA $ and RP in Game Modes

Players who have money in GTA 5 can solve this by playing different game modes. Particularly, the modes offer the double rewards. Rockstar varies regularly with this selection and brings variety into the game.

Until February 13, you will receive the double GTA $ and RP for the following GTA 5 game modes:

When you have to kill the heavily armed behemoth.

Vehicle Vendetta
A crazy vehicle battle with crazy bonuses.

Lost Vs Damned
The eternal struggle between angels and demons.

There are also special games lists where you jump directly into the action of these game modes. Vehicle Vendetta II, Deadline IV and Power Play III. If you have collected enough money there and would like to devote yourself to the CEO business, then you can do it with the current discounts.

Huge Discounts on Office Buildings, Vehicles and More

This is the best time start your CEO career. Until February 13, there will be 50% discount on CEO offices and 25% discount on vehicle warehouses. The offices are an important point and form the foundation for your CEO business. With 50% discount you can now make good bargains. As CEO, you can earn millions of GTA $ dollars by collecting crates and selling them later.

In warehouses you park the cars you stole. Another advantage of the CEO's position is the import / export business with hot cars. You steal your cars, take them to your warehouse, mop them up and sell them with commission.

Here’s the complete list of special offers:

- 50% Discount on executive offices

- 25% Discount on vehicle warehouses

- Ammu-Nation: 25% Discount on all guns, sniper rifles and light machine guns

- Warstock Cache & Carry: 25 % Discount on the limousine with onboard gun, the Buzzard attack chopper and the Cargobob.

- Legendary Motorsport: 25 % Discount on the Pegassi Osiris Supercar

- Benny’s Original Motor Works: 25 % Discount on the bike Principe Diabolus as well as on cosmetic vehicle modifications (paintwork, tires, wheels, wobble-heads, spoilers, decorations and more)

- Los Santos Customs: 50 % Discount on vehicle armor and bulletproof tires. 25% discount on cosmetic vehicle modifications (wheels, tires, headlights, license plates, bonnets, tinted windows, repainting and more)