GTA 5 Online: Fastest Motorcycle for Racing 2017

Since the release of the recent update for GTA 5 Online, motorcycle races become increasingly popular among gamers.

With the many motorcycle models that are currently available in game, it is difficult to pick one. Players who find racing uninteresting and buy their motorcycles only for the cruising, usually place more emphasis on the appearance. Players who prefer races will appreciate the performance of the bike.

Recently, the new motorcycle Pegassi FCR 1000 was released, which can be beautifully manufactured, but does not perform well in races. It is only ranked 17 in the fastest bikes in GTA 5 Online.

Hakuchou Drag vs. Nagasaki Shotaro

If you want to buy a motorcycle to win races in GTA 5 Online, then completely different models come into question. At the top of the ranking of the fastest motorcycles in GTA 5 Online, there are two bikes, the lap times of which differ only by one tenth of a second. The Hakuchou Drag and the Shotaro.

GTA 5 Online, Fastest Motorcycle
The YouTuber Broughy1322 regularly makes videos among the fastest vehicles in GTA 5 Online. In order to test the speed of the vehicles, he drives about 40 to 50 laps on a test track with each car or motorcycle and compares these lap times with other vehicles. The leader of the ranking for motorcycles was the drag variant of the Shitzu Hakuchou, which was now replaced by a new bike.

The Nagasaki Shotaro, which was known for its Tron style, beat the Shitzu Hakuchou Drag in the duel. However, this tenth-second advantage costs you about 1.3 million GTA $.

The first place was Nagasaki Shotaro - race time: 0:57.490, price: 2.225.000 GTA$ and the second place was Shitzu Hakuchou Drag - race time: 0:57.590 price: 976.000 GTA$.

In the video you can see the comparison of the two motorcycles.

Is Nagasaki Shotaro motorcycle worth its price?

At the beginning of the video, Broughy emphasizes that the shown lap time is not necessarily an argument for the purchase of the motorcycle. Because the minimum time difference of the Shotaro is worth the high price compared to the Hakuchou Drag, you have to decide for yourself.

The Shotaro doesn’t convince by its maximum speed. On a straight track, it is slower than the Hakuchou drag and slower than other super motorcycles. The bike has better lap times because it is slightly better in turns than the other motorcycles. In races, where the top speed is important, you are probably slower with the Tron bike, as opponents who drive for example a Hakuchou Drag.

If you look for a bike with a cool look and you like the Tron look of the Shotaro, then this is an argument for the purchase. Measured by the performance, it is not necessarily an extra charge of 1.3 million GTA $ worth.