GTA 5 Online Pegassi FCR 1000 Price, Tuning and Customization

Import/Export - the latest expansion for GTA 5 brings a new motorcycle, The Pegassi FCR 1000, which has a lot of tuning and customization possibilities. In addition, GTA 5 online mode will start the new year with a new opponent mode. In Vehicle Vendetta, you can make the game more difficult by inverting your control, or by using missiles to combat it.

Pegassi FCR 1000 - Price and Tuning

This new motorbike is available from now on in the game. In Benny's workshop, you can buy the Pegassi FCR 1000 for 135,000 GTA $ and then modify it.

Here you have many different tuning possibilities to design the bike according to your ideas. In the following YouTube video you can see the various options for the FCR 1000. In addition to the cool retro look, you can also give the motorbike a modern look.

GTA 5 Online, Pegassi FCR 1000

GTA 5 Online - Vehicle Vendetta Mode

This new opponent mode is good to get rid of aggression. You fight with your team against a crew of motorized madmen. This is where you accumulate power-ups that have a strong impact on the game. The following features have the new power-ups:

- Beast - Turn into a rhinoceros.
- Bomb - Place up to three bombs on the card to get rid of your pursuers.
- Deadline - Automatically moves the player to a Nagasaki Shotaro including powerful glow track.
- Zoned - The time is slower for all players.
- Ghost - You will be transparent and can drive through enemy vehicles to steal their power-ups.
- Flipped - Inverts the control for the entire opposing team. Acceleration and braking are also inverted.
- Rockets / Missiles - You fire a series of missiles on your opponent's opponents, making them non-combatable.
- Repair - Repair your vehicle completely.
- Jammed - Enemy vehicles must drive with full throttle.
- Detonator - Removes objects and obstacles from the arena.
- Random - Collect a random power-up except for fuse.

Tips for Vehicle Vendetta

In the following, we will give you some tips on the enemy mode. Keep in mind that you will not have to worry about police vehicles when you are rocking with other players.

- If the fight is done in the arena, look for holes in the ground.

- Always stay in motion and never leave the mini-card out of sight. So it remains a difficult goal. The Minimap also includes the power-ups. So you can make them much easier.

- The most powerful power-ups include rockets, bombs, tanks and the deadline motorcycle. So you should have more of these items, which are marked with a corresponding symbol on the map.

Starting from 17th of January, you will get double GTA $ and RP in Vehicle Vendetta.
GTA 5 Online: Discounts and bonuses from January 03.

From 03.01 to 16.01 there are special bonuses and perks in online mode of GTA 5:

- 25% More GTA $ for vehicle exports.
- 25% Discount on renovations of special vehicle storage houses and special freight storage houses.
- 50% Discount when buying grenades.
- 25% For engine tuning.
- 25% Discount on the purchase of body armor, ammunition, litter and ammunition for explosive weapons.
- 25% Discount is also available on all masks.