GTA Online: Transfer Money to Friends

With the recent update, it is no longer possible to give your own money to your friends. In this guide, we will show you two different ways to transfer your friend’s money.

The methods we have listed here require a little more effort than a simple referral. However, they are a good way to get a lot of money quickly.

Up to a certain point, it was normally possible to give money to GTA Online and transfer it to friends. Unfortunately this feature was used especially by Cheaters, which passed illegally received money. The first method is especially for friends of fast cars:

- Start an online race with your friend.
- Now you should select criminally quickly and set the round number to 1.
- Next, you choose the bet.
- Put $ 10,000 on you and your partner should put $ 10,000.
- If your friend wins now, he will get the prize money.

This method has the advantage that you can increase the effect even if you drive the race with several players. The more participants, the higher the profit. In total, more than 100,000 dollars are possible!

The second method has been working since the GTA 5 DLC Finance and Felony and you have to follow the following steps:

- Basically, you need 1 million dollars and must be already VIP.
- First, you have to adjust your friend as a bodyguard. This gives him a salary.
- From now on you have to complete as many VIP orders as possible in the next four hours.
- Each of these orders will cost you $ 50,000.
- If you go to your inventory after the order, you will find the function Cash from last job share and can transfer here the complete money to your friend.

Since a VIP order usually takes no more than 10 minutes, you can generate a lot of cash for your friend in the four hours. He can even make it over a million dollars, which should suffice for the beginning of a successful gangsters budget.