Hearthstone: Defeat Dark Wanderer - Secret Cow Level guide

In this single player Brawl, you don’t compete against each other, but have to face the Dark Wanderer and build a deck of your own - with (almost) all the cards you have in the collection. Only cards that destroy or steal secrets cannot be used (like beacon from the hunter).

How to Defeat the Dark Wanderer

The battle against the Dark Wanderer then occurs in two phases - the second phase being a hidden bonus, which one doesn’t necessarily need to achieve.

In Phase 1, the Dark Wanderer starts with three active secrets from a pool of ten secrets. As a hero he has Summons a random witch and his other cards are mainly witch master cards - buffs for demons, shadows, and the like.

It is possible to defeat the Dark Wanderer at this stage already. Then the fight ends and you get the reward of the special card: A cool Diablo card back with interesting endless animation. A card pack as usual, it does not exist this time.

These are the various 10 secrets, the dark wanderer

If the player manages to trigger all three secrets, then Phase 2 begins. The nature of the secrets is different and random in each round. There are 3 out of 10 possibilities.

For the first 7 possible secrets, it is sufficient to play a servant with war cry, stealth, rush, deaths, spell damage, mockery or a legendary servant.

The other 3 options are somewhat more complicated:

- Sometimes the player must fall under 0 lives
- Players and Dark Wanderer must be both under 15 lifetimes
- Or the player must have more than 9 cards in hand.

If all 3 secrets are triggered, the following happens:

A portal is summoned, which at the end of the train pulls the player and the wanderer into a secret level. And what could be good in Diablo? Right, the secret cow level.

The Wanderer is now the cow king and plays out a lot of fighting cows, which after death always return to the deck. It is mainly about killing as many cows as possible - but there is no special reward for this. So you can only boast in front of your friends or on Reddit a bit.