How does the Lineage Eternal character system works?

In Lineage Eternal, you’ll find four characters, between which the player can change at any time. But how exactly does it work?

As already mentioned, you have four heroes and you can switch these characters by using F1 to F4 keys. This is an essential gameplay feature, because in many boss battles, only tanks are able to overcome certain attacks. If the end-boss hits the killer-strike, then all players should change quickly to one of their equipped tanks. By the way, your heroes, all level at the same time, so you don’t necessarily have to play all equally to reach a certain level.

However, this does not apply to equipment. They have to be together for each hero.

However, at least armor parts can be exchanged freely between heroes, provided they have the same armor habit. Whether the heavy armor is worn by warrior Hector or the Knight, the part is at the end worthless. Also interesting: the appearances of heroes change only over skins. The actually worn equipment always looks the same.

The Tower of Insolence is a solo dungeon, where you can play with only one of your four heroes. The rest controls by the PC. But you can still switch.

When one of the heroes falls, he is replaced by a new hero from the list of characters who have not yet been in the list. However, the dead hero remains dead for the duration of the instance-stay, and if you have worn all heroes from your fundus, your dungeon run has failed.

Skills and variants

Each hero has six unique skills, including an automatic attack. This doesn’t sound like a lot, but the skills are not final. Rather, you should put special gemstones in the Skill slots and thus completely new effects and application areas. For example, a particular gemstone adds a capability to a useful land-damage option. Some stones change the skill so much that it becomes completely a different skill. You may freely redistribute the gemstones, they are by no means permanently bound to a skill when you install them.