League of Legends Sandbox: what you can expect in Practice Mode

Players who want to improve skills such as flash or the Last hit in League of Legends (LoL) needs to depend on Custom Games. However, it takes a long time, for example if you want to improve Wall Flashes. After each flash, there is a cooldown. A new practice tool will not only let you reset cooldowns, but also give you infinite gold.

How does the Practice Tool work in LoL?

Sandbox mode has been requesting for years by players. There it is possible to try out new champions or build builds quickly by adding gold. Riot announces the practice tool for upgrading Level 1 last hitting, early jungle gank route or champion mechanics. In this single player environment, Riot concentrates on:

- Champion mechanics and combos
- Jungle practice
- Endless last hitting
- Item build DPS checks
- Map familiarity (Where to put walls, over which walls you can flash and so on)

Commands in LoL's Sandbox Mode

There will be a selection of basic commands to start the Practice Tool in League of Legends. This selection can be extended in the future. The feedback from the community decides which additional commands should be added.

Player Commands:

- Automatic reset of decay times
- Automatic filling of life points
- Automatic filling of mana, energy, anger and other resources
- Add gold
- Level Up
- Preventing Level Ups (You remain at the same Champion Level)
- Teleport to target
- Revive

Game Related Commands:

- Make turrets invulnerable (turn on and off)
- Turrets can no longer shoot (turn on and off)
- Enable and disable minions
- Fast forward game time by 30 seconds
- Reset Game
- Spawn an opponent target dummy
- Spawn an allied target dummy
- Remove all spawned target dummies

Jungle commands:

- Respawn jungle
- Spawn Dragon (can be selected)

This is How Sandbox Mode Works

Using two examples, we will introduce you to the sandbox mode. The first example refers to the infinite last hitting on level 1.

First example: Level 1 - Practice Last Hitting

- Start the practice tool.
- Make the turrets invulnerable so that the Minions do not destroy them.
- Prevent Level Ups so you stay at level 1 and don't get bumped.
- After the shopping, teleport easily to the lane.
- Rewind the game until the minions appear.
- Practice the last hitting on level 1 as long as you want.

Second example: try out jungle routes and techniques

- Start the exercise tool.
- Teleport you to the desired Jungle position after shopping.
- Fast forward the game by 60 seconds for the Camps to spawn.
- Practice your jungle route.
- Reset the game at any time to start directly from the beginning.
- If you only want to practice at a specific camp, you can simply Respawn the Jungle instead of the whole game

The developers don’t want you to wait long on the practice tool. Instead of perfecting the version of the tool, an early version is released. This allows you to practice it during Season 7. However, features may be incomplete. Riot asks for your feedback. So far the exercise mode is planned for single players with bots only.