League of Legends: Warwick New Skills / Ability after rework

The creators of the League of Legends reveal new skills / abilities of Warwick after the rework in a video. The footage shows that some of the features are retained by the wolf from the previous game, but had to be adapted to the current game.

The new Warwick can escape from enemies, as is common to an evil wolf. In addition, he has got jump power and can thus overcome wide terrain. But the ADC players don’t have to be afraid: In the Ultimate ability the creators have also thought of the softer heroes.

Just yesterday, the LoL team gave the first glimpse of how The New Warwick is going after its update. In a video they showed a short story, which assumed first skills.

Now Riot disclosed a new footage of Warwick. This shows the wolf in the game and demonstrates which attacks he will master after the rework. His new kit includes a fear, which after a short time fights opposing champions in panic.

Skills / Ability:

- Passive - Eternal Thirst: Warwick's normal attacks cause additional damage (magical). If Warwick has less than 50% of your life, heal this additional damage by the same amount.

- Q - Jaws of the Beast: Warwick can move forward and bites an opponent; he can also heal and can jump behind the target.

- W (Passive) - Blood Hunt: On the entire map, enemies with less than 50% live a blood spur. This blood trail leads Warwick to these adversaries, which are thereby targets of the blood chase. With these goals, Warwick has an increased attack rate and can move out of the fight much faster on them. In the case of opponents with very low life, these bonuses are tripled.

- W (Active): For a short time, Warwick reveals the bloodlines of all enemies, even if they have full life. The opposing champion, who is in the shortest distance to Warwick, becomes the target of the blood-hunting. This active ability has a long cooldown, which is twice as fast when no opponents are hunted.

- E - Primal Howl: Warwick takes less damage for a short period of time. After a short delay, or when the ability to react again, he heals and hears an AOE fear on nearby enemies.

- R - Infinite Duress: Warwick jumps in a target direction, thereby suppressing the first opponent he hits. It deals damage to this opponent and triggers hit effects. The range is increased by Warwick's running speed. He also heals himself all the damage he is doing during Furious Anger. During the jump, Warwick is immune to mass control.