Nintendo Switch: how online multiplayer works

With the new Nintendo’s handheld game console Switch you can play with your friends online this is always safe. But what limitations and possibilities does online gaming offer on the new console? In this article, we give you an overview about the options available.

A Nintendo has released a table shows at a glance what possibilities and limitations the new handheld console has to consider when playing online. We have picked up the following for you and show you what you should know about multiplayer gaming .

Nintendo Switch - Online Gaming: Dates and Prices

If you want to play online with the Nintendo Switch, then you can do it free of charge until autumn 2017. After then the free trial period will end. In general, it is possible to play online Co-op. After the free trial period you have to pay a subscription, and it depends on the games. So there could be games that you can play without subscription. How much you have to pay for the subscription has not yet been announced. It is certain that this subscription applies exclusively to the Nintendo Switch and not to the Wii U or the Nintendo 3DS.

Online gaming and voice chat are accompanied by a smartphone app. Connect to the Nintendo Switch and invite your friends to play online and chat. There will be a limited version of this app for free in summer 2017. The following table gives you an overview of what should be possible with and without subscription.

Online Features  With Subscription Without Subscription
Online gaming + Free Trial Autumn 2017
Online lobby and voice chat app + -
Monthly download games (more below) + -
Exclusive Deals + -
Access to the Nintende eShop + +
Register and manage your friends  + +
Share screenshots and social media + +
Access to the parent app (control of the game time) ++

Monthly download games and exclusive deals

"Monthly Download Games" means Nintendo Games for the NES or Super NES, which you may play for free as a subscription. However, this is limited to one month, so you don’t have free access to these games after the end of the month - despite subscription. In addition, Nintendo announced that you will benefit as a subscriber of "Exclusive Deals." These include special offers and cheaper prizes for selected games and content.